Loglines & Screenplays by David Copper

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No More Push-ups

GENRES: Not selected

Monologue for a male actor.

Occupy Amber (teaser)

GENRES: Drama, Sci-fi

In this teaser for a web series, an alien creature occupies the body of a young woman to conduct an experience and determine if the human race is worthy of being saved.


What They Turn People into

GENRES: Thriller

Tracy's boyfriend gives her a gun for a birthday present. She doesn't like it. But she later needs it...

 This is currently in the process of being shot by Sandjack productions.


True Love Wins

GENRES: Comedy

Emily falls in love. And the race is on...


Back from Retirement


George gets dragged back into his old violent life.


A Good Move on Truman's Part

GENRES: Not selected

A monologue for a black male 40s-60s.

Old Times There are Not Forgotten

GENRES: Crime, Drama, Thriller

A man makes a return visit to the town that lynched his brother. He is not in a forgiving mood...


Date Night with the Devil

GENRES: Horror, Thriller

Some twisted soul is murdering the swinging, single men of the dating scene. A young P.I goes undercover to figure things out.

This 101 page feature is loosely based on this short audio piece.



Daddy's Little Girl

GENRES: Not selected

Darkly comic monologue for a teenaged actress.


Hi, I'm Wendy!

GENRES: Not selected

Monologue for an actress in her 20s, 30s or 40s.

What a Real Punch Sounds LIke

GENRES: Not selected

Tragi-comic monologue for a young-ish actress.

How I Do it

GENRES: Not selected

Monologue for an actress. 

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