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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Romance
LOGLINE: A billion-dollar movie threatens to bankrupt Hollywood, and the industry’s fate is in the hands of a technical writer who doesn’t care.


TIM is a technical writer. He writes dry, precise installation, maintenance and operation manuals for a manufacturing company 50 miles south of L.A., and he's happy as a pig in shit. Until one day a young lady, ASHLEY, seeks him out, having read a screenwriting book Tim had written years before. Ashley is dying of cancer and wants more than anything to learn how to write, and Tim’s her man -- it's her way of getting on with her life, no matter how short that life might be. The problem is that Tim left screenwriting and Hollywood behind many years before, after his lover-turned-producer, JAIME, hired him and then screwed him over. Tim fled L.A. for the bright lights of the manufacturing floor and had not looked back even once… well, maybe once. But somehow Ashley worms her way into his life and she makes him feel something he has not felt in a long time: passion. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, Jaime, now a hugely successful producer, has convinced four major studios to band together to buy a screenplay called "Indications" from SABA MUNUGALA, the hottest writer-director in town, and to commit to a budget of one billion dollars, everything pay or play -- no matter what happens, it will cost more to back out of the deal than to shelve it. The catch is that no one has actually read Munugala's script, everyone assuming it's as brilliant as his last megahit. Now with four studios and most of the A-list players in town fully committed to the script, Jaime decides to actually sit down and read it. It's the worst. Ever. In the history of history. Every writer in town refuses Jaime’s offer to rewrite the script -- they know literary leprosy when they see it. Then Jaime remembers the most brilliant writer she'd ever met… the lover she'd fucked over years before. Jaime tracks Tim down and tries to buy him off, seduce him, blackmail and extort him into doing the rewrite. Finally, though, it's Ashley who convinces Tim to pick up the laptop again -- she knows about trying to run away, and she'll be damned if she'll let him do anymore of it. In the end, of course, Jaime screws Tim over again, but this time he refuses to roll over. With Ashley’s help, he fights back and it leads to a film festival riot, flying Oscars, ducking hosts, a diarrheic pit bull and the wildest battle Hollywood never filmed.

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