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By Anthony Moore

GENRE: Action, Thriller

A woman, hiding in plain sight, must stop a serial killer that may cause one detective to uncover her dark secret.


Sam (Samantha) Smith is an attractive overly happy bubbly blond. She has a job, friends, a cat, a dog and a peculiar hobby. She kills people but only those who abuse animals. While on her latest hunt, she is rescued from her prey by Detective Steve Ferguson. He is instantly attracted to her but she informs him that she doesn't date cops. In gratitude she brings him cake and they form a friendship of sorts.

A woman's body is discovered and Ferguson checks on Sam, where she reiterates that she doesn't date cops. Sam goes to a house party and Ferguson shows up. She leaves him with her girlfriends while she gets some air. Sam meets a man that takes her breath away but he disappears.

The police discover more bodies and Ferguson works on finding a clue linking them together. Sam finds out the identity of her mystery man. His name is Greg. She attempts to talk to him but gets blown off. Stumbling onto some kids torturing a cat, she runs them off. Ferguson witnesses the whole thing and walks with her. He warns her that someone may be hunting women. Later she brings him more cake and sees the large number of cases, recognizing some of her own handiwork.

When a husband and wife are discovered killed at opposite ends of the city, Ferguson confides in Sam his theory of two killers and is concerned that she may be a target for one or both. To thank him, she invites him to dinner. Directing him to a bad neighborhood, she kills him and dumps the body. Upon returning home she discovers that someone has broken into her home and killed her dog.

At home on the couch, after not being able to find her cat, Sam is attacked. Fighting him off, she recognizes her assailant as Greg. He admits to killing her dog. He wants to kill her for being blond and because of her association with Ferguson. They continue to try to kill each other while revealing information as to why they kill. It eventually causes them to bond. In the end, they both sit on the floor battered and bloody, pointing weapons and trying to decide if they should date or kill one another.

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