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About Anthony

I am an African-American screenwriter from Westchester, IL. I am also a veteran, having served in the US Air Force during Desert Storm. With minor success as a published author, I am looking to expand into the film industry. My portfolio includes several contest winning feature length screenplays. I enjoy writing sci-fi but have ventured into other genre.


  • Cussing, Fussing, Fighting and Killing

    Cussing, Fussing, Fighting and Killing Budget: $100K - $1M | Drama An ambitious software engineer tries to start a business only to have his life ruined when his scheming aunt turns his own wife against him.

  • Timesmith

    Timesmith Sci-fi Comedy Two men, on the run from a drug cartel, are rescued by a master of time and must help him stop a band of rogue travelers from unwittingly rebooting the universe.

  • The Chameleon

    The Chameleon Thriller Action An attractive animal rights activist must stop a serial killer, while avoiding becoming his next victim, to prevent an infatuated cop from discovering her dark secret.

  • Exodus

    Exodus Sci-fi Drama A decorated FBI agent is assigned to find out why large groups of people nation-wide are disappearing and discovers that the answer is worse than he could have ever imagined and forces him to question his own identity.

  • SpaceMutt: The Movie

    SpaceMutt: The Movie Sci-fi Animation The self-proclaimed Greatest-Hero-Of-All-Space-and-Time faces defense forces, rogue nomads, and the Queen's champion to rescue a Prince before his upcoming coronation, only the kid doesn’t want to go home.

  • Infinite Imperium

    Infinite Imperium Sci-fi An officer proclaimed traitor to the throne finds himself battling his own brother to kill the very Emperor that he swore to protect in order prevent the galaxy from being enslaved for all time

  • The Last Don

    The Last Don Sci-fi Action Post-apocalyptic Earth: The mafia creates an interplanetary relocation program, but the new recruits may never make it off-world if one shy underachiever can't stop the mega-corporations, threatening to kill the project before it even begins.

  • Broken Clocks

    Broken Clocks Sci-fi Drama From the ashes of the apocalypse three nations have risen to rediscover technology, each other and the hatred that almost destroyed the world generations ago. The fate of the planet rests in the hands of those few who would fight to prevent war.

  • A Pattern Of Predictable Behavior

    A Pattern Of Predictable Behavior Action Thriller A woman, hiding in plain sight, must stop a serial killer that may cause one detective to uncover her dark secret.

  • Code: Delete

    Code: Delete Sci-fi Film-noir Drama In a future where ID theft is big business, a talented young fugitive destined for execution by the feds or assassination by the mafia must use his skills to build a criminal empire in order to change his fate.

  • Arc-Light

    Arc-Light Sci-fi When a high school loser finds an alien artifact he becomes embroiled in an intergalactic war where his encyclopedic knowledge of sci-fi may be the only hope for ending the conflict.

  • Stellar Drift

    Stellar Drift Action Sci-fi A wrongly disgraced soldier exiled to an interstellar colony ship must prevent its hijacking by aliens to save the millions of innocent lives aboard.

  • Dre's Camelot

    Dre's Camelot Adventure Comedy When an ancient heroic spirit awakens in a gang member, he must lead his crew on a quest to prevent an arms dealer from selling a new type of bomb and starting World War III.

  • One Million Hits

    One Million Hits Action An abrasive biker chick is suddenly thrust into Internet stardom against her will by her best friend becomes the target of those who want to end her Hollywood rise to fame permanently.


    POTUS Action Drama Sci-fi In a race against time, a convict turned agent must prevent his employers from releasing a worldwide pandemic that threatens kill over half the human race.

  • Oh Baby

    Oh Baby Action A tough-as-nails biker chick becomes the object of affection for an undesirable motorcycle gang leader and she must find a way to deal with him or face the wrath of the entire club.

  • The Fifth Kingdom

    The Fifth Kingdom Action Sci-fi War between two of the four remaining city-states is coming and a naïve genetically enhanced princess has only a few days to prevent the conflict by finding a rumored fifth kingdom to prevent the extinction of all life on the planet.

  • Uncommon Ground

    Uncommon Ground Action Drama Sci-fi A young woman must help hide a man from another galaxy from the aliens hunting him and our government who wants their advanced technology.

  • The Last Man Standing

    The Last Man Standing Thriller In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors, cornered in a department store, must prepare for an army of monsters headed their way while trying to discover the serial killer in their midst.

  • Saving the Average Joe.

    Saving the Average Joe. Action Adventure An arrogant superhero awakes, alone and powerless and accidentally reveals his secret identity to his soon to be ex-wife, whom plans relaying the information to his villainous arch-enemy.

  • Obliterathon

    Obliterathon Comedy Four cousins, living in the same house, facing eviction by the widow of the deceased fifth, must raise money for the funeral by running a marathon the only way they can, drunk.

  • Remarkable

    Remarkable Action Drama Sci-fi Four bullied teens must elude the new drug lord, their principal, while attempting prevent a drug war that would tear the city apart.


  • The Last Don - Winner, Best Screenplay for a Feature Film, the Only The Best Awards Film Festival

  • SpaceMutt: The Movie - Official Selection, The Macoproject Film Festival

  • The Last Don - Honorable Mention, Wiki: The World's Fastest Screenplay Contest!

  • Exodus - Grand Prize, Black Screenplays Matter Screenwriting Competition

  • Exodus - Semi-finalist, Filmatic Drama Screenplay Awards

  • Timesmith - Semi-finalist, 13th Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest

  • Exodus - Top 10 Finalist, CS Unique Voices Screenplay Competition

  • The Chameleon - Honorable Mention, Screenwriting Staffing - Query Letter Competition

  • Exodus - Quarterfinalist, 13th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest

  • A Pattern of Predictable Behavior - Grand Prize, 22nd Annual Fade In Awards Thriller Contest

  • Code: Delete - 1st Place Winner, Little Screenwriters Competition

  • POTUS - Winner, Back In The Box Screenwriting Competition

  • Code: Delete - Finalist, Screenplay Festival

  • Stellar Drift - Quarter-Finalist, Stage 32 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Screenwriting Contest

  • Stellar Drift - Official Selection, Diversity Film & Script Showcase

  • Stellar Drift - Quarter-Finalist, Creative World Awards

  • Stellar Drift - Official Selection, First 10 Pages Script Contest

  • Saving the Average Joe - Quarter-Finalist, StoryPros 9th Annual Screenplay Contest

  • POTUS - Quarter-Finalist, Fresh Voices Original Screenplay Contest

  • POTUS - Semi-Finalist, Reel Writers Screenwriting Contest

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