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By Anthony Moore

GENRE: Sci-fi, Film-noir, Drama

In a future where ID theft is big business, a talented young fugitive destined for execution by the feds or assassination by the mafia must use his skills to build a criminal empire in order to change his fate.


In the future, the Executive Unions control all business and police forces which are privatized. The Trade Unions control all commerce. The mafia and rich citizens fall below the unions. The poor are basically slave labor, non-citizens regulated to work camps with escapees being shot on sight.

Charlie loses his mother at a young age and is left in the care of strangers. Years later, he is an escapee, living on the streets. Having schooled himself in the art of Clearance-Level Electronic-identity File Theft or ‘cleft’ for short, he steals from Martin, a mafia enforcer. Martin tracks Charlie down, break both his arms and legs, sets the place on fire and leaves Charlie for dead. Only the timely intervention of Charlie’s cousin Eddie saves him.

Knowing that he will always be a target, Charlie petitions the mob boss to join by offering his cleft skills. The boss gives him a near impossible task that will kill him if he fails. In the meantime, Charlie meets and falls in love with Betty, his physical therapist. Charlie and Eddie are accepted into the mafia. When a trade union/police skirmish breaks out, both Charlie and Eddie become hospitalized from a police mortar. Later, Charlie seeks revenge on the top cop but must complete another job first. He executes a plan that accomplishes both objectives at the same time.

Out celebrating his success, Charlie, Betty and Eddie are thrown out of a fancy restaurant for not being full citizens. Charlie faces a choice, pay for Betty’s citizenship or put a hit out on the restaurant manager. He chooses the former but after sending Eddie away, he completes the latter personally. Unfortunately, the manger has ties to the world’s largest union and Charlie is to be turned over to the unions as punishment. This ends with the mafia boss being killed and Charlie being fatally injured.

Waking in a hospital, Charlie and Betty are nearly assassinated as Eddie returns in the nick of time to save them. After consulting with Martin, Charlie realizes that the only way to stop the unions is to elect a new stronger mob boss. Breaking into the police morgue Charlie clefts the dead mob boss. Charlie sets up a meeting with the mafia leaders. Charlie is elected mafia boss due to having gained personal information on each leader. He declares war on the unions and leads a successful campaign against them. Within a month a vast majority of the unions work for him. Things are going well until they are raided by the FBI. Charlie, Betty and Eddie barely make it out alive and escape the country.

A decade passes and the crew returns home. Many things have changed and they barely recognize the old city. They soon learn that most of their associates are either dead or have disappeared. They locate Martin and he informs them that the mafia is all but gone. Charlie tries to enlist him to start a new mafia family but he declines.

Depressed, Charlie goes on a binge of drinking and drugs. Betty and Eddie try to snap him out of it, only to be dismissed. Days pass and Charlie meets a woman that insists that she is starting a new mafia. She sets up a meeting with a couple of gentlemen who turn out to be surviving members of Charlie’s family. Charlie is gunned down but as the group tries to leave Betty and Eddie storm in and take revenge on Charlie’s killers.

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