Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson

Wichita Film Collective LLC
Screenwriter, Director and Producer

Wichita, Kansas

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April 2014
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About Chris

Producer, Director and Screenwriter for Wichita Film Collective

Creator of webseries "Final Chapter" and "Next Stop County Lockup" available on Youtube.

Creator of the 30-munute short film "Foster Scare" that won awards for Best Child Actress and Best Thriller/Horror at the Sunny Side Up Film Festival in 2019.

Worked at CBS. Paramount, and Deluxe Media.

Have placed two Sci-fi scripts, "Galaxy Protector" and "U.F.E." in the Stage 32 Sci-fi Screenplay competition.

Unique traits: Next Stop, County Lockup Wichita Film Collective



  • The Orphanage Epiphany

    The Orphanage Epiphany Budget: $10M - $30M | Thriller "Taken" meets "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"To rescue her mentor, a former orphan turn kidnapping recovery expert uncovers a sophisticated human trafficking network led by her psychopath childhood best friend.

  • Sheltered World

    Sheltered World Sci-fi "Gattaca" meets "Contagion" 75 years ago, a deadly contagion forced inhabitants of this lunar outpost into bomb shelters where they've lived ever since.  Now, a father and his 6 year old daughter discover the outside atmosphere is safe again and want to leave the shelter life yet the authorities will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening.

  • U.F.E. (Unidentified Flying Encounter)

    U.F.E. (Unidentified Flying Encounter) Budget: $1M - $5M | Sci-fi A female version of “Star Man” where a shape shifter risks her life by coming to Earth.  She has 48 hours to mate or lose the ability to have children and needs her human father's help in finding a partner.  All this while the Men in Black plan to dissect her if they catch her.

  • Serial Killer Whisperer

    Serial Killer Whisperer Budget: $1M - $5M | Thriller A role reversal version of "Silence of the Lambs" where the amateur profiler does the manipulating.  Although she claims to free a killer of his homicidal urges, she does this by killing him.

  • A Walk in the Park

    A Walk in the Park Budget: $100K - $1M | Crime Thriller A cop becomes the prime suspect of a woman murdered in the park.  To clear his name, he performs an off-book investigation where everything leads back to the victim's 10 year old daughter.

  • Galaxy Protector

    Galaxy Protector Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Adventure "Star Wars" comes to a planet near you. A weapon that energizes gas giants into stars falls into the hands of Earth's arch nemesis.  A badass female Galaxy Protector infiltrates the enemy race's home world, takes on its entire army to neutralize the extinction weapon before it can starburst Jupiter and kill all life in our solar system.

  • Love and Armbars

    Love and Armbars Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy "Girl Fight" meets "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" as a female MMA trainer doesn't understand why the man of her dreams won't fall in love with her through submission.  Needing a relationship intervention, she teams up with a comic book geek to mold her personality into something desirable to men while sculpting his body into a lean, mean sexy machine.


  • Sunny Side Up Film Festival - Best Horror/Thriller "Foster Scare"

  • Sunny Side Up Film Festival - 1st Time Filmmaker - Festival Selection "Foster Scare"

  • 4th annual Stage 32 Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest - Semi-finalist "U.F.E."

  • 1st annual Stage 32 Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest - Semi-Finalist "Galaxy Protector"

  • 2011 Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition - Finalist - "Galaxy Protector"


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