Loglines & Screenplays by Lois Terrans Bradbury

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Evil Intentions

GENRES: Horror, Sci-fi

After five years of wrongful imprisonment, an ex-space cop , must outwit a malfunctioning, psychotic, shape shifting android that uses 20th century horror films as its macabre guide in a killing spree to gain his freedom.

The Channel

GENRES: Fantasy, Sci-fi

A marine biologist returning to his hometown, propelled into action after the drowning of a young woman reveals that not only do the towns people blame the death on a mysterious sea creature but so does his best friend. He is determined to uncover the truth.

Final Arrangements

GENRES: Horror

The brutally murdered female lead singer of a rock band returns, possessing the body of her boyfriend, forcing him and the other members of the band into helping her exact revenge on those responsible for her death.

Temptress Curse

GENRES: Horror

Shortly after Family and business man moves to a new town in an attempt to salvage his marriage, the activities of a neighbour make him suspect she is a prostitute. Further investigation uncovers she is closer to a succubus, vampire, evil rip out your heart have it for dinner demon.


GENRES: Sci-fi

On a world where the summer temperatures reach over 100c during the day and well below freezing at night. A scout is dispatched on the dangerous journey to recover extremely important cargo from a crashed shuttle. The scout not only discovers that the cargo is nothing more than a rich man’s attempt to satisfy his salacious appetite but she is not human.

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