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Actor, Dancer, Director, Filmmaker, Producer, Production Manager, Screenwriter and Singer

Los Angeles, California

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  • Jacob's Honor

    Jacob's Honor (2015)
    Film (short) by Jay Woelfel (Drama) Actor Jacob and friends face challenges returning from the battlefield. They experience hospitalization from suicide attempts, group therapy, flashbacks and relationships. The story turns to Wellness as the struggle intensifies. Their circles of loved ones unravel as they face the facts that 22 vetetans commit suicide on average every day in the USA. Written by Sara Matthews

  • Venom

    Venom (2014)
    Film (short) by Terasa Sciortino (Mystery, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor, Producer, Director, Writer What's in a word? VENOM takes you on an expressive journey of the same words in 3 totally different scenarios, but all venomous in nature.

  • Taken for Granted

    Taken for Granted (2013)
    Film (short) by Gabriela Egito (Drama and Mystery) Actor A powerful drama with documentary elements that traces the last day in the life of Martha Michaels, a housewife, unraveling her intriguing personality and the striking circumstances of her death.

  • Glory on High

    Glory on High (2013)
    Film (short) by JP Sarro (Comedy) Producer Busy young mom Karen and her overbearing mother Barbara don't seem to have much in common. But Karen needs help with her holiday crafts with no one else to turn to. And when they open the paint jars neither suspects the holiday high that will overtake them in this Christmas comedy short. Written by Anonymous

  • Voices Keri

    Voices Keri (2013)
    Film (short) by JP Sarro (Drama and Romance) Producer After a gripping encounter with a handsome stranger a woman tests the old saying, 'where there's a will there's a way.'

  • Craigslist Counselors

    Craigslist Counselors (2012)
    Television (Comedy) Actor

  • Picture Day

    Picture Day (2012)
    Film by Kate Melville (Comedy and Drama) Actor Claire Paxton is a rebellious and independent late teen, her outlook on life which is driven largely by the fact that her single mother is a self absorbed alcoholic. Claire is repeating some of her senior year classes at Toronto's Arthur Meighen High School in order to graduate, which she decides to do during the school year rather than waste her precious summer doing it in summer school. She has little motivation to attend classes or graduate. Her school year is affected largely by her encounters with two males with who she ends up spending much of her time. The first is Jim, the thirty-something front man for the funk band, the ElastoCitizens, with who she embarks on a sexual relationship. The second is Henry, a ninth grade student who she used to babysit. Henry is an exceptional student, but is at a stage in his life where he too is starting quietly to rebel against his straight-laced upbringing. Claire acts as his mentor in his coming of age, which may change if she knew that ... Written by Huggo

  • Mr. Deity

    Mr. Deity (2012)
    Television (Comedy) Actor

  • The Bigger, the Lower, the Sucker, the Better Tomorrow

    The Bigger, the Lower, the Sucker, the Better Tomorrow (2011)
    Film (short) by Myoung Park (Comedy, Drama and Family) Actor Christine is expecting a family dinner but uninvited guests start to show up. The dinner doesn't go the way she expected.

  • Rehearsal

    Rehearsal (2011)
    Film by Kyle Klubal (Drama) Actor A restaurant owner tries to impress his best friend and his fiancé by throwing a killer rehearsal dinner. The problem is, he can't seem to let go of the past.

  • Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising

    Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising (2011)
    Video by Andrew Cymek (Action and Sci-Fi) Actor Two years after Jason Parks (Landy Cannon) saved Warrior Princess Summer Vale (Brigitte Kingsley) from her life hunting Killopoths in the demon dimension, a sudden surge of supernatural activity and violent attacks have resurfaced on our plane beyond the normal parameters of the portal. The Rising Dark Agency, a black ops division of the government headed by Colonel Haggerd (Michael Ironside), suspects that the mystic strikes suggests the work of Mardock, an evil Demon-god capable of destroying worlds. When a new demon sub-species disrupts Summer's wedding and eats her fiancée, the war on the new Demon Lord begins. With her group of misfits and their BFG's - Summer sets out to destroy Mardock, but no one is prepared for who they find behind the Dark Lord's ascension. Written by Brigitte Kingsley

  • Saving Dad

    Saving Dad (2010)
    Film (short) by Skye Kelly (Drama and Family) Actor A daughter looks to help her dad find his way back.

  • Morning Glory

    Morning Glory (2009)
    Film (short) by Lu Lu (Drama and Fantasy) Actor The receipt of a secret gift gives a shy and lonely woman the courage to emerge from her shell.

  • Accidentally in Love

    Accidentally in Love (2009)
    Film (short) by Patrick Hunter (Comedy) Actor

  • The Haunted Mansion

    The Haunted Mansion (2003)
    Film by Rob Minkoff (Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Mystery and 1 More) Actor Married realtors Jim and Sara with their children go to Gracey Manor and Mr. Gracey is enamored with Sara and they discover that Sara looks like Mr. Gracey's old girlfriend, Elizabeth, who died young and they think it was a suicide but discover something more sinister. Written by Catherine

  • Star Trek: Enterprise

    Star Trek: Enterprise (2002 - 2003)
    Television by Brannon Braga (Action, Adventure, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor The year is 2151. Earth has spent the last 88 years since learning how to travel faster than the speed of light studying under the wisdom of their alien ally called the 'Vulcans'. Now, the first crew of human explorers sets out into deep space on a ship called the 'Enterprise' to see what is beyond our solar system.

  • The Jolly Man

    The Jolly Man (2001)
    Film by Jason Barnett Actor

  • Beethoven's 3rd

    Beethoven's 3rd (2000)
    Video by David M. Evans (Family and Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew The Newton family from the original Beethoven movies are on vacation in Europe but do plan to join a Newton family reunion and to make sure one of their family members definitely makes it, they ship him to travel to the reunion with George Newton's brother Richard. Guess which family member it was? That's right, Beethoven! The giant mutt follows Richard Newton and his family of a nagging wife and two bratty kids as they hit the road to California in a huge, shiny - and expensive RV, equipped with a DVD player. Following them are two bumbling crooks who have hidden some secret codes on a DVD that they figure no one in the world will buy, but someone does: Richard. So now they've got a DVD holding top secret information and the crooks must get it back... Written by Dylan Self <robocoptng986127@aol.com>

  • Star Trek: Insurrection

    Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)
    Film by Jonathan Frakes (Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor Lt. Commander Data was taking part in an operation the Federation has with a race known as the Son'a to observe another race known as the Ba'ku. They are wearing stealth suits so that the Ba'ku cannot see them. But suddenly, Data rips off his stealth suit, reveals himself and exposes everyone. Picard is them contacted by Admiral Dougherty who tells Picard that Data has to be stopped even if it means destroying him. Picard requests permission to try and stop him without doing that, he succeeds. He then tries to find out what happened to Data. That's when they discover a plot by the Son'a and the Federation to remove the Ba'ku from the planet because they want to tap the radiation being emitted by the nearby planet's rings which have regenerative properties. Picard then airs his objections to Dougherty who tells him that everything they are doing is within the Federation guidelines. That's when Picard steps down as Captain and decides to help the Ba'ku. Data, Crusher, Worf and Troi join... Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com

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