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By Thedia Samara

GENRE: Comedy

The "Buppies" are two erudite art columnists, Langston Jackson and Thurgood Simpson, have uptight tendencies and appreciate the finer things in life. Their lives and careers take an unexpected turn when the owners of "Art du Jour," the magazine they work for, accept a large endowment from an investor, but in return, have to change the magazine's format to the world of contact sports.


Langston and Thurgood are high school chums and they have never shy away from a challenge. So after some brief prodding both Thurgood and Langston decide to tackle this new endeavor head-on. However, they have everything to learn about the world of sports beyond cricket and squash. But fortunately, they're able to get a little help from their fathers, co-workers, and friends.

Thurgood Simpson, 30s, slim built; average looking and exceptionally fashionable. A cross between Martin Lawrence and Farnsworth Bentley, he's kind of cool so men like him but women are not quite sure where he belongs in their lives. Thurgood spends a lot of time in the council of his father, Sergeant Donnie Simpson, a no-nonsense Southern type guy, he reminds us of Judge Joe Brown. Sergeant Simpson had no intention of having his son become more froufrou than football. Yet Thurgood makes no apologies for his neatly lavish tastes and wishes his father would warm up to some of the accoutrements of which he has become so fond.

Langston Jackson, 30s, medium build, very bright, pleasant looking and also quite stylish. He's a cross

between "Carlton Banks" and Wayne Brady and he comes across as a bit of a shrinking violet. Men find him to

be a bit of a target, women think of him as that adorable "friend," which he hates.

His father, Pastor Gregory Jackson, an Al Sharpton-type minister, is the patriarch of Langston's world who

wanted his son to work for the Lord instead of wasting time in what he feels is a materialistic, unfruitful environment.


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Harry Edward Saffold Jr.

I like the concept.

Thedia Samara

Thank you, Harry.

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