Loglines & Screenplays by Jeffrey Gold

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Anthem For Water

GENRES: Sci-fi

Stranded after a promised rescue, Keller and a stowaway girl attempt to escape to mysterious Pelican Island to survive the impending eruption of a supervolcano. 

Steen's Folly (Award-winning Feature Screenplay)

GENRES: Biography, Drama, Historical

Based on actual events, maverick Charles Steen risks it all in search for the world's most valuable mineral and helps launch a mining boom bigger than the Gold Rush.

Horst and Graben at the Chateau Godot (Short & Award-Winning Stageplay)

GENRES: Comedy

Horst is waiting for a dinner date to arrive. What appears instead is an unsavory character from his past.

Amazon Author profile: http://www.amazon.com/Jeffrey-Gold/e/B003DDU83A/


GENRES: Action, Adventure

Space marines return from a mission only to discover their sabotaged return trip comprised of lightspeed travel. They return to Earth 30 years later as a result. They were presumed dead.

The Leaving Man (short)

GENRES: Drama, Experimental, Independent, Thriller

A mysterious man visits a small town and has the whole town in an uproar about his leaving.

Bump (2-Page Short)

GENRES: Drama, Independent, Romance

A gentle car bump turns into a kiss.

(Entry into "50 Kisses" 2-Page Screenplay Competition.)

Horst and Graben in the Context of the Unfinished Man (Award-winning Stageplay)

GENRES: Comedy

Horst is waiting for a bus. Graben convinces him of the futility of his endeavor.

Execution at Paradais Island (Stageplay)

GENRES: Comedy

Finalist - Moondance International Film Festival Stageplay Competition.

Two blokes are scheduled for execution at Paradais Island, the notorious military prison, and have the occasion to reminisce about the past and face their short future together.

Amazon Author profile: http://www.amazon.com/Jeffrey-Gold/e/B003DDU83A

Candycane Hurricane (Stageplay)


In this dramatic one act play, a gentleman arrives to pick up a young woman on the day of her release from a psychiatric hospital.

Amazon Author profile: http://www.amazon.com/Jeffrey-Gold/e/B003DDU83A/

Percolation Theory

GENRES: Comedy, Drama

FINALIST - 2005 Theatre Publicus Prize for Dramatic Literature

In this dark comedy, the overbearing owner of a Fortune 500 company visits the home of a former employee---with a few surprises.

Amazon Author profile: http://www.amazon.com/Jeffrey-Gold/e/B003DDU83A/

Dedekind (Award-Winning Stageplay)

GENRES: Comedy

In this experimental, existential absurdist comedy, characters in a play converse about their predicament, lambaste the playwright, or defend him, and eventually come to grips with their quantum mixolydean reality.

Amazon Author profile: http://www.amazon.com/Jeffrey-Gold/e/B003DDU83A/

Fitch Todd (Award-winning Stageplay)

GENRES: Comedy, Drama

In this award-winning comedic tragedietta, Fitch Todd, a dried-out composer, has lost all motivation to live; his publisher conspires to pull him out of his doldrums for selfish reasons.

Amazon Author profile: http://www.amazon.com/Jeffrey-Gold/e/B003DDU83A/

Fair Shake (Award-winning Stageplay)

GENRES: Comedy

In this stylized comedy, Noel Ives has a job interview with Phil Hennessey. When Ives gets things wrong, a buzzer puts him back on track. Does Ives get the job, or does the buzzer get Hennessey too?

Published by Smith & Kraus (2013 The Best Ten-Minute Plays)

Elbert (TV Sitcom Pilot)

GENRES: Comedy

The adventures of a third-rate physicist and his quest for a Nobel Prize. But right now, he's just got to keep his job.

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