Loglines & Screenplays by Suzanne Kelman

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GENRES: Adventure, Comedy

When an eccentric investigator, pursues a brilliant, invisible thief who uses elaborate 3-D illusions to literally “disappear” from his crime scenes; he unwittingly finds the key to the disappearance of his own father during an illusionist performance thirty years prior.

Held (Available)

GENRES: Drama, Historical

In Nazi occupied Holland, to save the life of a hidden Jewish student stricken with a life threatening illness, a reclusive professor deliberately contracts the deadly disease to get the cure.

Violet Skye (Optioned - in development)

GENRES: Romance, Thriller

A self-absorbed social-climber, who falls in love while trying to come to terms with the demons of her past, has to flee for her life when she uncovers an assassination conspiracy between Hilter and Franco on the eve of WWII

Maggie the Brave (Optioned - in preproduction)

GENRES: Comedy

A self-absorbed hypochondriac trades in her pill bottles for disco boots, when she agrees to become a dancing queen for a Travolta “wannabe”, in exchange, he helps her fool the local authorities in to believing he is her husband.

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