Loglines & Screenplays by Anthony James Perez

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ScrewJobbers - Pilot

GENRES: Comedy

ADAM PHOENIX has a rough road to wrestling superstardom: Constant sabotage from his has-been boss SAVAGE JACK HANNIBAL, a stunted love life, and a slew of Bar Mitzvahs, birthday party, and County Fair gigs that aren't exactly pushing him to the top... rope. In the Pilot, Adam and the pro-wrestlers of GSWA learn a scout from “The Big Dance” is coming to tonight's show. When Adam’s screwed out of the Main Event by owner Savage Jack, he must find a way to show his abilities in front of the scout before this life changing opportunity slips away.

Porta Lupa - Pilot

GENRES: Comedy

After inadvertently triggering a revolution and becoming the leader of a tiny Caribbean island , BEMBE CINTRÓN, an overly optimistic actor, must navigate complex world politics in order to ensure the future of his country. In the Pilot, Bembe accidentally shoots down a U.N. drone. Mistaking it for an American Idol talent scout, he decides to stage Julius Caesar in hopes of getting the attention of the show's scouts. But, unbeknownst to him, he has set a coup d'état in motion.

The Boy With Stories In His Pockets

GENRES: Adventure, Fantasy

After the death of his father, a young handicapped man must venture into the "Neverland-like" world of his youth to save his created land from the clutches of an evil monster.

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