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By Alex Jayson

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: Krystyna, the young girl who loved to dream, awoke to find her worst nightmare..................


Press Release “The story of the Holocaust as never seen before on stage, the live performance creates an eerie sense of realism as the audience become part of this experience as the truth screams out in frustration from this compelling dramatic account of man’s darkest hour. The performance will leave audiences speechless!” Quotes from 2010/11 “I found the play incredible, the flashback scenes were almost biblical. I was spellbound” - Arek Hersch Holocaust survivor “Jayson, I really wish you well in your venture. Your concern, sincerity, dedication, research and sheer hard work deserve reward and the results would be an asset to society. You deserve all the success in the world” -Simon Winston Holocaust Survivor “I have seen many plays over the years and this is probably the play which has affected me the most, both emotionally and passionately because of the subject but it is also the most brilliant piece of playwriting that I have ever experienced” - Chris Lloyd Theatre Reviewer Krystyna - The History of Now © SUJA MEDIA PRODUCTIONS 2014 INTRODUCTION The production was performed briefly in 2010/11 to gauge audiences reaction before the final draft was written in 2013/14. The stage production will now make its official World Premiere on the 27th January 2015 (Holocaust Memorial Day) to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camp “Auschwitz” in Poland. BACKGROUND Research for the project began on January 27th 2005. Writer/director Jayson Bartlett travelled throughout Europe visiting places of relevance and speaking to eye-witnesses and survivors. Extensive documentation both filmed and written has been carefully examined to authenticate all material used in the production. The performance itself comprises of stage and film (three screens). The stage production is based around an interview between the reporter (Kerry Martin) and Ms Krystyna Ruben (Holocaust survivor). The performance opens on stage as we see a transportation being prepared from the Umschlagplatz in Warsaw to its final destination - Auschwitz “Maybe now you understand why we did not want to leave the ghetto, or most people in the ghetto did not want to leave, because you figured the misery you knew would be better than the misery you did not know, Treblinka, Auschwitz!” - Ms Ruben “The night was so cold, but I did not want it to end” - Ms Ruben “Because of the impending journey” - The Reporter “No because of the impending destination” - Ms Ruben Ms Ruben then enters the office as the reporter is watching an interview on screen with a former German soldier as he answers questions about his role in the Einsatztsgruppen mobile killing squads - “Imagine there is a ditch with people on one side and behind them soldiers………………..that was us and we were shooting…………..those who were shot fell into the pit - Hans Fink So what were your thoughts and feelings when you were shooting? - Interviewer JOANNE goes to speak but MS RUBEN stops her “Nothing…………nothing…………just aim carefully” - Hans Fink “This was your only thought? You had no feelings for the people you were killing?” - Interviewer “No! Because my hatred of the Jews is so great……...and that is my undoubting feeling. It will not change……………….they were Jews. Sub-humans. They deserved to die!” - Hans Fink “Do you think he still feels that way?” - Ms Ruben The interaction between the reporter and Ms Krystyna Ruben continues, as we are introduced to her family and life through carefully constructed flashbacks, including the following:- Life in Pre-war Germany Kristallnacht Evian Conference Life In The Ghetto Euthanasia Programme Transportations Auschwitz Concentration Camp Liberation The production is not just a piece of theatre, but an experience which combines audience and cast in the most emotional journey into man’s darkest hour, and one we still live under its shadow! - Jayson Bartlett - Well done, Jayson. An excellent depiction of an event difficult to describe and difficult to come to terms with. Your research must have been thorough because you include historical detail - Simon Winston Holocaust Survivor (On reading the script) STAGE LAYOUT The stage production is supported by three screens SCREEN ONE (stage right) - shows the interview SCREEN TWO (stage left) - shows archived material and filmed clips SCREEN THREE (centre stage) - shows key emotional moments and works in conjunction with screen one. CHARACTERS On Screen - Reporter, Joanne, Christine Truman, Ms Krystyna Ruben, Heidi Muller, Dieter Kruger Also archive footage On Stage - Ruben Family Mr Ruben, Mrs Zuzanna Ruben, Andrej Ruben, Krystyna Ruben - Rosen Family Eva Rosen, Helena Rosen - Muller Family Otto Muller, Karl Muller, Heidi Muller - Epstein Family Mishra Epstein , Lili Epstein, Michael Epstein, Helen Epstein, - Fritz Stimler, Dieter Kruger, Dr. Mengele, Hoess, Helmut Schultz, Grandfather, Hans Fink, Henricke (Kapo), Woman with Baby, Hans Kelper, Irene Geisler, Petra Huntz, Anna Schumann, Ernest Schumann, Kazia Moskowitz, Natasha Shimon, Josef Perl, Aleksandra Weiss, Photographer, Young Jewish Girl, Keil, Chaim Padrajczik, Hans Fink, Eichman, Florica Tsigani, Nazi Soldier, Stiegel, MUSIC The Production will use live and recorded music including - Shalom - Recorded Donna Donna - Live Auschwitz - Live (written by Jayson Bartlett) The Wall - Live (written by Jayson Bartlett) Horst Wessel Lied - Recorded Ani Ma’amin To support the professional stage production, we offer our T.I.E. (Theatre In Education) programme offering the opportunity to connect to the difficult and emotional subject of the Holocaust through drama. Useful Links:- Marketing/Promotional Videos Social Network (This site will be launched on June 1st 2014) Twitter: @krystynatheplay CONTACT DETAILS Telephone 01422 834009 07722507896 Email Website

Steve O'Brien

Very interesting, i like it

Alex Jayson

do you know anyone who would be interested in bringing it across the pond?

Iris Ebia

much work you put into it, means much success come out of it!

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