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Screenwriter, Script Consultant and Story Analyst

New York City, New York

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About Steve

I am a versatile writer who can take vision, yours or mine and experiment with genres. Haven written multiple story outlines that can be shaped into screenplays and/or movie shorts. Growing up on the mean streets of New York City during the roaring 1970's afforded me unlimited life experience. I wrote about how I survived those years, as well as a collection of fictional shorts.

Other personal writings are at

Also visit to see writings on artwork sent to me from around the word. It is here that I create a "flash fictional" work about that art.


Unique traits: writer - inventor - fighter




  • The Penalty Box

    The Penalty Box Family Two teenage boys in a New York City neighborhood play roller hockey while learning about life, family and the value of friendship in the fall of 1974.

  • Closet full of Broken Canes

    Closet full of Broken Canes Thriller Desperate for a normal life of her own, a daughter does the unspeakable to help her grieving mother find companionship. 

  • 22 MINUTES

    22 MINUTES Sci-fi Thomas (mid 20’s) awakens to find himself clinging to a rusty steel bar in a dark vertical tunnel. Hanging on for dear life to his ankles is another stranger and then another. It is a "human ladder" and time is running out for them all.

  • JUMP

    JUMP Thriller Two adolescent boys are playing in an abandoned house when some unexpected visitors arrive. The boys, quietly hiding in the attic become trapped when the house suddenly catches fire and burns around them. They have but one choice to avoid the inevitable.


    THE ARROW Comedy A narrative told by a man who on his birthday accidently creates a chain reaction of multiple disasters. He suddenly awakens in the middle of town with a nasty cut on his head and no idea why. His road home is littered with fallen debris as he seeks answers from those he encounters along the way. To solve this riddle he must find his way back to the very beginning of today.


    DOLLAR SIGNS Comedy A bellhop wins the lottery and decides to stay at the hotel he has worked at for years. His expectations for a first class stay are shattered by a string of interruptions.


    THE MARK Comedy Two professionals are assigned a contract on the same "mark". Not knowing who the other is, they cross paths several times enroute to the assignment. But only one can complete the mission in time.


    THE STORY OF... Fantasy When bestselling author Bill Smith is in a mall for a book signing of his recent novel, there is a stranger in the crowd who goes unnoticed as he races to return a lost item that Bill has unknowingly misplaced.


    THE TREE Fantasy A little girl plants a tree and thousands of years later that same tree is the supplier of life and protection for the remaining inhabitants of our planet. The story follows the little girl and her brother as their ancestors also linked to The Tree.

  • EVE 625

    EVE 625 Sci-fi Lucas and Eve find themselves on a strange beach being bombarded by egg like pods burning through the atmosphere, only it’s not a beach they have ever seen. As they wander through this new world together they see and experience magical events unfolding because of their presence.


    I DREAM OF JEANNE Thriller Steve (mid 50’s) is incarcerated and during a routine prison examination it is discovered that he has special abilities. Steve’s wife has been in a near fatal car accident and the prison doctor thinks Steve’s powers can save her life by using his invention called The Cube.


    MY FIRST LOVE Family How do we honor our mother? Pearl is pregnant with twins and love shows us that there is no barrier to how we can save those we cherish.


    RUNNING THE WALL Thriller Alex and his dad share a one of a kind experience while on a road trip.  Sadly, they do not have the same concept of what is happening to them both.


    SHUDDER Horror On her first day working in a hospital Marie literally "runs" into a handsome patient. Their feelings for each other are too strong to resist. In the heat of their passion the handsome patient goes into cardiac arrest, the events that unfold next shock everyone involved, especially Marie.

  • Tales of a Sinner

    Tales of a Sinner Biography THINK: Basketball Diaries MEETS Raging Bull MEETS Strawberry Fields: This is a novel revealing the emotional, physical pains and pleasures a young man endures while growing up in New York City during the 1960’s and 1970’s. It is a first-person non-fictional account replete with emotion and stingingly blunt and humorous dialogue. The story is a timely expose of a young male who is constantly struggling internally while he literally must fight to survive life on the streets. He is unknowingly addicted to the drugs and the violence that accompanies him on his journey into adolescence. 

  • The Trade - written by Steve O'Brien based on the concept from my friend Alessandro De Marco

    The Trade - written by Steve O'Brien based on the concept from my friend Alessandro De Marco Crime Alex thought he had left the crime life behind him, only to find out that he has to tread back there to rescue his younger brother who desperately wants to follow in his gangland footsteps. This journey back leads to violence and a re-awaking of Alex's dark side. He finds himself now wanting only revenge.

  • Sons of Steve

    Sons of Steve Comedy Steve a father of two very resourceful sons is a brilliant inventor. The stories follow Steve as his inventions backfire and troubles ensues. Read along as Steve's two sons have to "once again" save their dad and family from danger. 


  • Hard Knocking U

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