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David Dilley

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot Productions
Director, Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager and Screenwriter

Los Angeles, California

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Hi, I'm David Dilley, an award winning Director/Writer/Producer who lives in Los Angeles, CA. I recently directed, wrote and produced an indie feature, "Suspicion," (). "Suspicion," a mafia thriller stars Brad Blaisdell ("The Negotiator") and Suzanne May ("Gentlemen Broncos"). "Suspicion," follows Darrell Jacobs (Blaisdell), a retired member of the mafia who is dying of lung cancer. Having left the mafia on good terms, Jacobs meets and befriends a college student, Alicia Foret (May) and the two form an unlikely friendship. Unknowingly to Jacobs, however, he as endangered Foret when the two meet in public. "Suspicion," toured the festival circuit and won three festival best picture awards. It was acquired for distribution by Osiris Entertainment and sold worldwide at every major market, e.g. Cannes, MIPCOM, MIPTV and AFM film markets. It also had a limited theatrical release.

Following "Suspicion," Dilley was hired by producer John J. Kelly to adapt the NY Times best selling novel, "The Heretic's Daughter."

Dilley recently co-produced and UPM'd the feature "About," starring Academy Award winner Mo-Nique ("Precious"). "About," follows those struggling with love, loss, alcoholism and suicide in the Los Angeles area.

Unique traits: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1755967/


  • Small Town Crime

    Small Town Crime (2017)
    Film (Thriller) Production manager An alcoholic ex-cop (Hawkes) finds the body of a young woman and, through an act of self-redemption, becomes hell-bent on finding the killer but unwittingly puts his family in danger and gets caught up with several dark characters along the way. Written by Ian Nelms

  • Mettle of Honor

    Mettle of Honor (2016)
    Film (Action) Producer Gunny is a homeless Vietnam vet who lives on the top floor of an abandoned 6 story hotel in a derelict area of Detroit. He lives day to day with what little money he's able to make working a few hours a week at a struggling thrift shop. His only friend in the world is a young junkie who lives in the building among the other twenty plus homeless squatters. After nearly 40 years of living on the streets, Gunny has faced plenty of challenges but none that come close to his experience during the war... until today... Recently released from prison after serving 19 years for an attempted bank robbery, Nick Cavanaugh sets out to get the payday he was denied almost 2 decades ago by Ben Cahill, the security guard who foiled the robbery and has since worked his way up the ladder to become the president of the very bank he protected. Nick's plan: Gather a dozen ex-cons to kidnap Ben's only child, his 16 year old daughter Molly, and give him 24 hours to rob his own bank for the $100 million ... Written by J. Brian

  • Bill the Therapist

    Bill the Therapist (2016)
    Television (Comedy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • The 60 Yard Line

    The 60 Yard Line (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Production manager Add a Plot »

  • Suspicion

    Suspicion (2012 - 2015)
    Film by Tea, Earl Grey, Hot Productions Director/Writer/Producer

  • Interwoven

    Interwoven (2015)
    Film (Drama) Producer Fifteen true life stories from people struggling with love, loss, homelessness, alcoholism, betrayal and suicidal tendencies. This film explores those moments, big and small, in which strangers impact another person's life in ways they couldn't possibly imagine, all in an effort to answer that elusive question, "What is it all about?" Written by RareForm Pictures

  • The Dog Wedding

    The Dog Wedding (2015)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Production manager A German businesswoman falls for an American pro wrestler she meets at the dog park, testing her lifelong obedience to her CEO/father.

  • About

    About (2014)
    Film by RareForm Pictures Co-Producer/UPM

  • Tango Nuevo

    Tango Nuevo (2014)
    Film Director/Writer/Producer

  • The Heretic's Daughter

    The Heretic's Daughter (2013)
    Film Writer

  • Bogan Via "Afternoon Wonderland"

    Bogan Via "Afternoon Wonderland" (2012)
    Music by Common Wall Records Director/Producer

  • The Diner

    The Diner (2011)
    Film (short) by Tea, Earl Grey, Hot Productions Director/Writer/Producer

  • Blood Money

    Blood Money (2011)
    Film (short) by Warner Bros Writer/Producer

  • Toyota

    Toyota (2011)
    Commercial by Toyota Producer

  • Eaten Alive

    Eaten Alive (2011)
    Television by Discovery Channel UPM

  • Project Nim

    Project Nim (2011)
    Film (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department From the Oscar-winning team behind MAN ON WIRE comes the story of Nim, the chimpanzee who in the 1970s became the focus of a landmark experiment which aimed to show that an ape could learn to communicate with language if raised and nurtured like a human child. Following Nim's extraordinary journey through human society, and the enduring impact he makes on the people he meets along the way, the film is an unflinching and unsentimental biography of an animal we tried to make human. What we learn about his true nature - and indeed our own - is comic, revealing and profoundly unsettling. Written by Anonymous

  • Warrior

    Warrior (2010)
    Film by Lionsgate Assistant to Exec Producer

  • Gentlemen Broncos

    Gentlemen Broncos (2009)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew Benjamin, home-schooled by his eccentric mother, is a loner whose passion for writing leads him on an journey as his story first gets ripped off by the legendary fantasy novelist, Ronald Chevalier, and then is adapted into a disastrous movie by the small town's most prolific homespun filmmaker. Written by Fox Searchlight Pictures

  • Human Prey

    Human Prey (2009)
    Television (Action, Adventure and Drama) Production manager Add a Plot »

  • Fragments

    Fragments (2008)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew In an ordinary day, a deranged man has a rampage in a diner and randomly shoots the customers. The survivors of the tragic episode are deeply affected by the shooting and have the most different reactions: the youngster, Anne Hagen, becomes popular at school telling her version of the shooting; her friend Jimmy Jaspersen becomes mute and closes himself to the outer world; the waitress Carla Davenport neglects her baby and has several vulgar relationships with men; Dr. Bruce Laraby loses his self-confidence and tries an experimental treatment to the migraine of his wife; and the compulsive gambler Charlie Archenault believes that he is lucky in the game and gambles all his money but he has a jinx. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Street Kings

    Street Kings (2008)
    Film (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew LAPD detective Tom Ludlow is a ruthlessly efficient, unorthodox undercover cop. Captain Jack Wander always covers for Tom, as do even his somewhat jealous colleagues. After technically excessive violence against a vicious Korean gang during the liberation of a kidnapped kid sex slave, Tom becomes the target of IA's hotshot, captain James Biggs, who feels passed over after Wander's promotion to chief. Tom's corrupt, disloyal ex-patrol partner Terrence Washington sides with IA but is killed during a shop robbery in Tom's presence. Written by KGF Vissers

  • The Lucky Ones

    The Lucky Ones (2008)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and War) Miscellaneous Crew The story revolves around three soldiers - Colee, TK and Cheever - who return from the war after suffering injuries and learn that life has moved on without them. They end up on an unexpected road trip across the U.S., with Colee on a mission to bring her boyfriend's guitar back to his family because he saved her life, TK seeking confidence to face his wife after a shrapnel injury that threatens his sexual function and middle-aged Cheever planning to hit the casinos in a desperate effort to pay for his son's college tuition. Written by anonymous

  • October Road

    October Road (2007 - 2008)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew An author returns to his hometown to face the people whom he based his book on.

  • Man on Wire

    Man on Wire (2008)
    Film (Documentary, Biography, Crime, History and 1 More) Camera and Electrical Department On August 7, 1974, Philippe Petit, a French wire walker, juggler, and street performer days shy of his 25th birthday, spent 45 minutes walking, dancing, kneeling, and lying on a wire he and friends strung between the rooftops of the Twin Towers. Uses contemporary interviews, archival footage, and recreations to tell the story of his previous walks between towers of Notre Dame and of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, his passions and friendships, and the details of the night before the walk: getting cable into the towers, hiding from guards, and mounting the wire. It ends with observations of the profound changes the walk's success brought to Philippe and those closest to him. Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>

  • CU@Ed's

    CU@Ed's (2008)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Tina and Tadd, two socially-challenged thirty-somethings, attempt a face-to-face at a coffee shop after meeting online. Tina arrives first, and while she waits receives grim advice from an old lady at the counter. When Tadd finally shows - with flowers that are a little too much - real conversation proves a lot harder than instant messaging. A snippy waiter is no help, and soon they are sitting in silence, the check between them. Suddenly Tadd throws caution to the wind - literally. Tina joins him in a little good natured vandalism and they find themselves out on the street and back in their comfort zone, communicating in their own 21st century fashion. Written by Casey Stangl

  • The Black Dahlia

    The Black Dahlia (2006)
    Film (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew In 1946, the former boxers Dwight "Bucky" Bleichert and Lee Blanchard are policemen in Los Angeles. Lee has a good relationship with his chief and uses a box fight between them to promote the department and get a raise to the police force. They succeed and are promoted to homicide detectives, working together. Bucky becomes a close friend of Lee and his girlfriend Kay Lake, forming a triangle of love. When the corpse of the aspirant actress 'Elizabeth Short (I)' is found mutilated, Lee becomes obsessed to solve the case called by the press Black Dahlia. Meanwhile, Bucky's investigation leads him to a Madeleine Linscott, the daughter of a powerful and wealthy constructor that resembles the Black Dahlia. In an environment of corruption and lies, Bucky discloses hidden truths. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Get This Party Started

    Get This Party Started (2006)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Tuesday Night Book Club

    Tuesday Night Book Club (2006)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew Women gathering for a weekly book club meeting and discuss their personal lives as well as literary subjects.

  • VH1 Big in 05

    VH1 Big in 05 (2005)
    TV Movie Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Supernanny

    Supernanny (2005)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew Parenting expert Jo Frost goes around America helping parents deal with their children's behavior.

  • The World's Fastest Indian

    The World's Fastest Indian (2005)
    Film (Biography, Drama and Sport) Miscellaneous Crew For 25 years in Invercargill at the south end of New Zealand, Burt Munro (1899-1978) has been working on increasing the speed of his motorcycle, a 1920 Indian. He dreams of taking it to the Bonneville Salt Flats to see how fast it will go. By the early 1960s, heart disease threatens his life, so he mortgages his house and takes a boat to Los Angeles, buys an old car, builds a makeshift trailer, gets the Indian through customs, and heads for Utah. Along the way, people he meets are charmed by his open, direct friendliness. If he makes it to Bonneville, will they let an old guy on the flats with makeshift tires, no brakes, and no chute? And will the Indian actually respond? Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>

  • The Expert

    The Expert (1995)
    Film (Action) Actor Johnny's sister is brutally attacked and murdered by a sadistic serial killer. At the trial, he is sentenced to be electrocuted, but a bleeding heart liberal has the sentence commuted to a mental facility. Here, he will interact with other model prisoners and give talks at schools while he is being treated. The only problem is that Johnny, being a ex-special forces trainer, is coming to the prison to seek his own justice and that does not include rehabilitation. Written by Tony Fontana <tony.fontana@spacebbs.com>


  • Suspicion: 2012 Gold Award Best Feature Film - Lake Arrowhead Film Festival

  • Suspicion: 2012 Director's Choice Award Best Feature Film - Gig Harbor International Film Festival

  • Suspicion: 2011 Grand Jury Prize Best Feature Film - Big Bear Lake International Film Festival

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