Loglines & Screenplays by Victor Spiegel

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The Magic Horse

GENRES: Adventure, Fantasy

this contemporary version of The Magic Horse tells the story of Prince Qalb, a young but lonely prince who live in a far away kingdom with his father King Dunya. Obsessed with usefulness and inventions, King Dunya has the people of his kingdom invent all kinds of oddities for his pleasure but is most unprepared when he receives a gift from a humble woodsman – a little magic horse. Casting the horse aside for his son’s pleasure, Prince Qalb soon discovers that is indeed magic and before he knows it is seeking his true heart’s desire. This little horse proceeds to takes Prince Qalb to far away places and kingdoms where he meets a beautiful princess, Auriana. Of course like all good fables, they fall in love but are forbidden to marry by her father, the evil King Dunya. Then the plot thickens with another evil Prince, West, an enchanted forest, a caravan of camels and of course trickery and treachery.

Full Moon Over Faulconbridge: The Musical

GENRES: Musical

Full Moon is a comedy set in a fantasy version of the Blue Mountains, NSW. It is a story of reconciliation and healing, and deals with the themes of respect for the earth, respect for each other and the misuse of power. It follows the path of Bernard, an overly intellectual Eastern monk, whose flute, carved from the wood of the sacred Bila tree, is chosen by the indigenous spirit of the land to be a conduit for the power of Life. When Margaret, a frustrated housewife with murderous tendencies, steals the flute and abuses its power for her own ends, Bernard must find a way to stop her, but first he must find himself, which he does with the help of Merv, Margaret’s ex-husband turned Were-Kangaroo, and Robyn, a cynical ex-journalist. When the Owners of the owners of the land show up at the next full moon, will the heroes have achieved the task appointed to them, or will the Blue Mountains descend into darkness? This grant will allow the composer to research Dharug resources, create a score, libretto, workshop designs for stage, characters, special effects, explore puppetry, voices, history, legends.

Future Present


You discover you are genetically modified. Your shelf life is 27 years. Tomorrow is your 28th birthday.

Dreaming Abraham

GENRES: Comedy

What would happen if Abraham, Isaac, Hagar and Ishmael came to dinner- and Jesus showed up, too?

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