Loglines & Screenplays by Malcolm Harris

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GENRES: Action, Drama, Sci-fi

A group of young superheroes must overcome their own doubts and issues to defend a city that believes it no longer needs “superheroes”  from the supervillains hiding within it as pillars of the community. 

Wicked Stepsister

GENRES: Action, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Chester Green’s  was living the perfect  life of a 13 year old till his father remarried . The good news is  his stepmother nearly perfect. The bad news, his new stepsister is a real witch!

Squad Sixty

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, War

In the near future Aliens arrive and claim Earth. Outmatched and Outgunned humanity learns of an intergalactic law that would allow them to pit Earth’s 60 best and brightest against their Alien equivalents.   If humanity wins they get to keep the earth, but if they lose mankind dies screams. 

Princess Lucinda

GENRES: Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy

Precocious and wicked twelve year old magical princess finds her life upended when the forces of good kill her parents and overthrow their evil pan-dimensional empire.  Now on the run, Lucinda and her older sister Millicent must hide in the last place their foes would ever look.   On unimportant world, in a backwater galaxy in insignificant dimension, a planet  we call Earth. 

Hexengeddon: Witches Vs. the world.

GENRES: Comedy, Documentary, Fantasy, War

When a young witch is killed in modern day Wisconsin and her death becomes public spectacle on the internet, the witches of the world band together to seek revenge and justice by waging war against humanity.

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