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By Bruce Kolinski

GENRE: Thriller

Sequel to MACHUPO.

Truck driver, John Cain, having lost his loving wife, Rachel and beautiful, innocent daughter, Tess - not to mention witnessing thousands, millions actually across the globe starved, tortured and murdered for depraved Network greed has degenerated from middle class husband and dad to feral hunter of Elite dynastic family members who behind the scenes, control world governments through their interlocked banking, energy, narcotics, arms, media and organized crime monopolies. One by one, Cain gives each a chance to defend themselves, reminding them of opium, wars and horror they inflict on Main Street people from their sacrosanct, mahogany ensconced clubs and boardrooms... brutally beating each one to death with scarred, bloody fists, smothering exclusive northeastern estates of the inbred, privileged Elite under a dark blanket of stark, visceral terror.


Can revenge be justice? Is revenge ever justifiable? Is revenge for the right reasons, perfect justice - in which case is it even revenge any longer? What are right reasons? Does pure evil warrant force in self defense or defense of family, friends or neighbors? Can we defend ourselves against entrenched, systemic evil on a global scale and remain moral persons? Does it matter?

This movie can't answer these metaphysical questions... but can carry us toward a first epistemological step, if we wish, along a thoughtful, celluloid journey during which such existential questions can be answered...assuming some spiritual discernment on our part.

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