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About Jerry

Good. A free form bio and not asking me strange questions like dating sites. Not that I frequent dating sites... :)

52 and been writing most of my life. I've put a lot of time and effort into my baby where i promote lesser known bands as well as play new and classic rock.

For the longest time it was a dream of mine to write, act in, direct and produce a movie. Well 6+ years ago I did with a 24 minute indie video called 7 Sunsets. Story of a man on death row for killing a young woman in a park who is caught and convicted but has maintained his innocence the entire time. with 3 weeks left before his execution, a local newspaper decides to interview him 2 weeks out, 1 week out and then 1 hour before he is put to death. The reporter is out to trip him up and get him to confess but through the course of the interviews, we all discover something about ourselves in the process. In the end it is more about personal responsibility in extreme times than it is about death row. I'll link to it later.

in the back of my mind i've been rewriting logans run forever. I've gotten it to a trilogy and honestly love the tie ins i have throughout and where i put the actual film we know and sometimes love. I keep seeing they're going to reboot it and I keep meaning to get in touch with whoever owns the rights today just to talk. Hell, I'll buy lunch and fly to almost anywhere for 30 minutes of time to talk about what runs through my head storywise as I try to go to bed every night. Hoping joining this site will have people ask about it and make me write up something more solid than random thoughts that probably only make sense to me.

i've got other stories i want to write and while at times i start, for whatever reason i quit writing long ago. usually it was song lyrics; manly way of saying poetry i suppose, but i quit doing even that.

hobbies include concert photography, writing, of course my radio station and my collection of rocks i find while snorkeling in the bermuda triangle and the Sea of Muscovy.

i'd love to get back into writing on projects with people locally here in Dallas and just getting involved in being creative again. in my college years i was BiG into community theater and did many roles from no lines (boo radley) to leads (bo in bus stop) and miss just having fun with something that means so much to me.

i've done stand up comedy but with my memory these days i'd be up on stage for 3 minutes before i forgot what topic i was on and drift into a recovery mode that isn't likely to end well much less make sense.

i'll add to this when i get some time and think of something clever to say and/or make you laugh. in the end i love to entertain and tell a great story. entertainment today has gotten far too political and removed the very reason for its existence to me, that being to GET AWAY from all the bullshit so you won't see much from me on many of those topics. i simply believe we should treat people with respect and be accountable for our own actions.

hit me up, pull me into conversations because otherwise i'll sit on the sidelines and watch other people play while writing movies in my mind.

talk soon.

you can find my photo album at




  • 7 Sunsets

    7 Sunsets (2013)
    Film (short) by Renegade Entertainment / Jerry Hayes Many A man on death row has 3 weeks before his execution for a murder that he has denied committing and maintained his innocence. A local new organization wishes to interview him 2 weeks, then 1 week, then 1 hour before he is put to death. The reporter is looking to make him confess as the young lady murdered was popular in the community. By the end of the interviews, no one is who they thought they'd be and being accountable in the face of extreme situations is the core of the story itself. I hope you enjoy it.

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