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By Diane Wing

GENRE: Fantasy, Other, Thriller

In this supernatural thriller, a reincarnated Witch schemes to reunite the coven she betrayed in ancient times to fulfill her promise to a disembodied sorcerer and wield the power of the Scrolls of the Four Winds.


A promise dating back to ancient Mesopotamia has been broken. War is destroying The Great Library of Alexandria, but is not the primary threat to the Scrolls of the Four Winds, sacred texts containing spells that balance good and evil in the world. The Coven of the Triad Witches -- Macy, Cassandra, Alexis, and Victoria -- charged with their protection. Born according to prophecy, the four Witches represent the elemental aspects of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each has powers aligned with these energies and fueled by Spirit. They each had special teachers assigned to develop their powers and assist them in fulfilling their destiny of protecting the scrolls. Together they conjure the energy that surrounds the scrolls and keeps them from harm. Despite their powerful union, Victoria turns toward the dark side, steals the scrolls, and casts a spell of forgetfulness on the others.

Centuries have passed since the betrayal of the Coven of the Triad Witches and their memories cast into darkness. The Triad Witches have stayed together through the centuries, unaware of their connection or former identities. Victoria Perry followed them over the centuries in many different forms to monitor the web of magic she cast over them.

They now live and work in the quaint town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Victoria tracked them to New Hope and has opened an antique store to establish herself among them. Macy Vincent is an executive at a major corporation. She uses her natural gifts of psychometry and seeing auras to gain information about those in her work environment and to succeed in the cut-throat corporate world. Alexis Quinn is a practicing Wiccan grieving for the loss of her parents. She longs for a teacher to help her harness her talents in spellcraft. Cassandra Richards is a local Tarot reader and Reiki practitioner. Her benevolent energy helps the others to come together in a productive way.

Spurred on by ghostly visitations from her teacher from ancient times, the evil sorcerer, Qadir, Victoria is putting together a coven of her own to continue her attempts at tapping the power of the scrolls. She recruits Ethan Talbot and Heather Moorcroft to assist in her selfish mission, losing time as she trains them for her purposes. With each effort to crack the mystery of the scrolls and harness their powers, Victoria and Qadir realize that it is impossible without the special energies of the other Triad Witches.

Qadir is not the only teacher that followed the Witches through time. The three other teachers are closely monitoring the activities of Victoria and her minions to keep the other three safe until Macy, Cassandra, and Alexis awaken. Victoria’s spell of forgetting is beginning to unravel, and she must be cautious as the others remember the earliest life they shared. The memories come through using runes, Tarot cards, psychometry, and the help of their ancient teachers. They recall Victoria and realize the danger they are in. They struggle with their sense of sisterhood with Victoria while contending with the shock of their historical recollections, magically charged objects, and Victoria’s two quirky modern coven members, Ethan and Heather.

Ethan is a physically desirable womanizer who is highly conceited and selfish. He desires Victoria, yet she denies his advances and dissuades him using her power to give him pain. He tries to be cautious with Victoria after that, for he desires to learn Witchcraft and all she has to teach him. He helps her train Heather, who is a natural psi-vamp, able to suck the life energy from others. She had been rejected by others, including her mother, all of her life, and is happy to be accepted and part of a group. During her psychic training, she falls for Ethan, hoping that he starts to feel the same about her.

Once the spell of forgetting loses its last bit of potency and all become aware, teachers and students are united in a common purpose once again. A psychic attack by Heather spurred on by jealousy toward Alexis makes Victoria reconsider her plans to use the scrolls for selfish gain. She misses the camaraderie and power of the Coven of the Triad Witches and grows tired of Qadir’s control and abuse. Victoria is lonely and is weary of the constant struggle with sub-standard students and with Qadir. The others are looking to reunite the four of them to their original purpose.

With the positive focus of Macy, Alexis, and Cassandra showing forgiveness to Victoria, the goal shifts from protecting the scrolls to understanding the true function of the sacred texts. Gathered together once again, the Witches use their powers and the help of their teachers, to journey beyond the physical realm and into the World Between The Worlds, where they enter the elusive elemental portals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

While there, they are given lessons in Universal Law, each Witch is given information pertinent to her own issues as well as to bring back to share with the world. Qadir’s true motives are revealed in this netherworld. Qadir aspired to obtain Odin’s javelin, a mythical weapon that never missed its target, a feat he could not perform without Victoria and the others. He was powerless to enter the portal himself and needed his student to retrieve it for him.

Qadir conjures a demon to destroy Victoria, but she and Macy team up to fight and defeat the demon. Their teamwork and victory over the demon cements their future together. Victoria uses Odin’s javelin to destroy Qadir and she and Macy return to the physical realm.

Upon their return, two loose threads, Ethan and Heather, are dealt with. Ethan has learned nothing and continues his pompous mindset, while Heather is stripped of her ability to take energy from others. This removal serves to balance her and she is now able to progress in her life in a way never before possible. The Triad Witches could now enjoy a short respite before they and their three remaining teachers plan their next adventure into the past to retrieve and secure the rest of Qadir’s store of magical weapons. [Coven Book II ]


It is currently in novel form. Reviews of my book can be seen at\_1\_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1360156513&sr=8-1&keywords=coven+the+scrolls+of+the+four+winds

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