Loglines & Screenplays by Jacarris Jackson

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Smoke In The City

GENRES: Action, Crime, Drama

Monty Jones is a peace living hitman. Living with the memory of his slain brother during one of their jobs, he's trying to get out of the lifestyle. One last phone call gives him the opportunity to make enough to leave the life behind, but it also could put him in the middle of a drug turf war. Hired from both sides, he must choose one, all the while trying not to be set up by a crooked cop, save the woman he loves, and leave with a clean slate.

By Any Means Necessary

GENRES: Action, Independent, Other, War

Aries Cage is a borderline psychotic soldier. Feared by most, including his commanding general, he is on the run. Framed by the General for stealing a device that could cause a threat to national security. Accused for stealing the device and pursued by the very team he trained he goes through all odds to keep himself alive. He goes through any and everyone in order to prove his innocence and to stop the General once and for all.

Pushed Too Far

GENRES: Drama, Independent, Romance, Thriller

Melvin is a working man and husband he seems to have the perfect marriage. Eventually he has reason to believe his wife is cheating on him and finds proof to prove it, but before getting the chance to confront her about it she is involved in an accident leaving him to believe its fatal. Driven by betrayel and grief for months he slumps. He moves to a new city to start over. While out one morning he spots a woman, who is almost an exact resemblence to the wife that betrayed and died on him. Seeing her causes a psychotic break as he feels that she went to the extreme just to get away from their marriage. Melvins next move is to get revenge, secrets unravel, and his next move could be his, or her last.

Beyond Enough

GENRES: Drama, Independent, Other, Thriller

James is a booksmart, fragile, quiet, non-violent kid who isnt really that popular. Often he is bullied but he chooses not to fight back, he just holds everything inside. Lured by a popular girl who fooled him into thinking she likes him, he is ambushed by classmates and humiliated. Beaten, spit on, bruised, and so far as electrically shocked for fun, after he runs away ashamed and traumatized. 8 yrs passed. He returns to his hometown where noone including his mother has seen him since he ran away.  James is bigger, stronger, drove by revenge, his is very skilled and highly violent. One after one he picks off everyone that caused him the most horrific night of his life. And he's saving the best for last.

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