Loglines & Screenplays by Donald Dominguez

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The Wind Up

GENRES: Thriller, Drama

A famous romance novelist is challenged to live a normal life, because a ghost lover of one of her tales is alive and won’t let her forget.

Dead in Love

GENRES: Musical, Comedy

A Zombie and a Human fall in love, for all the right reasons; but their love is challenged by his insatiable desire to eat.

The Time Is Now

GENRES: Drama, Fantasy

Given months to live, Sam Cartwright, up for a partnership in a New York business acquisition firm is challenged to amend the past in order to embrace his inevitable future. 

Brief Nudity

GENRES: Drama, Fantasy

Oscar Pennington, having lost his girl, his job and purpose in life, meets an ‘Angel’ who’s also lost it all; it’s a race against the clock for both.

Adventure Mile

GENRES: Sci-fi, Adventure

A young boy finds a magical book in his Grand Parents barn, swallowed into the pages of the unknown, he’ll face his greatest fears to get back home.

Wild About Africa

GENRES: Romance, Comedy

A young entrepreneur with a catatonic love-life takes a reckless trip to find the girl of his dreams.

The Righteous Bunch

GENRES: Action, Fantasy

A wayward demon in search of redemption, must fight the darkest of forces in hopes of earning a set of Heavenly wings.

Race to Harvest

GENRES: Sci-fi, Comedy

Harvey, recently divorced and down on his luck, is recruited by a drunk alien named Darwin; together they must stop an alien agenda to rid the earth of humans to make way for retiring aliens.

Deuce Double Down

GENRES: Comedy

A Notorious Kingpin and loser type's live's slam into each other in a case of mistaken identity, bringing all-out mayhem, comedy and sex over the next 72 hours. 

Knights of the Round Bucket - The Tale of Jacobs Hill

GENRES: Family, Fantasy

An old hill is haunted by ghosts and it will take a few brave kids along with a cast of chilling characters to save the town before the Annual Fall Extravaganza.

Out of Darkness

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

Kerry possesses a unique ability she can’t explain. With the help of an Earthbound Angel, she’ll master her skills to prepare for the coming conflict.

Read Me

GENRES: Comedy, Drama

Against all odds, Marty, a frustrated manuscript reader must find the author of an unfinished master piece. 

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