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By Elisha Woods

GENRE: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: Prince Jahin, a brash and impulsive Armayan warrior, journeys to bring his family honor and freedom, but a cunning and ruthless War Lord will stop at nothing, to ensure Prince Jahin fails.


PRINCE JAHIN, a brash young warrior, visits the dojo to check on the progress of the young sproutlings and the beautiful SASHA. While at the dojo, Sasha tells the children a story of the history of their Armayan people. They came from the Mayan civilization of earth and followed their leader, through a portal to arrive on the planet, Akita. Here, they were met by a technologically advanced race, the Vintech, that wanted peace. However, they refused to give their technology to help the Armayans. This caused generations of hatred for the Vintech and Armayans were determined to conquer them. After the story in the dojo, Prince Jahin and Sasha spare together, hinting at their complicated past and their undeniable attraction toward each other. Meanwhile, in a faraway galaxy, LORD NAKARA, a ruthless warlord, is challenged by his father to find a new group of warriors and together take over a new galaxy, called Antar. Lord Nakara has his most trusted general, GENERAL DOOM, scout the galaxies for a notable warrior race. Back on Akita, Prince Jahin, along with his father and trusted general, GENERAL BAUTISTA, and scientist, TRALICK, prepare for battle against the Vintech. Sasha becomes a topic of discussion, between the men and the Prince, as they encourage him to pursue his feelings for her. However, Prince Jahin’s dedication and promise to his father, to eradicate the Vintech, is his primary focus. They continue to prepare for battle. General Doom sends out men to scout the neighboring galaxies. He visits Akita and finds the Armayans in combat. General Doom messages Lord Nakara that he has found warriors. Prince Jahin and his people use an artificial moon, to help them harness their KI energy and transform into powerful beasts called Gorillycans and Mega Apes. They begin the battle against the Vintech and destroy everything in their sight. General Doom immediately realizes, that the Armayans are the best warriors for the job and that he must find a way to convince them to fight for Lord Nakara. So he goes into the city and shoots down the King, the source of the artificial moon, leading the Armayans to believe that the Vintech shot their leader. The artificial moon disintegrates forcing the Prince and his people to retreat. Later, Lord Nakara comes to Akita and promises, the Armayans, technology to defeat the Vintech, as long as they promise to fight for him in Antar. The King wakes up from his injuries and agrees with the Prince, that pairing with Lord Nakara would be the best way to defeat the Vintech. They agrees to the arrangement. The Armayans go to battle against the Vintech and wipe them out. After the fight, the Prince realizes just how arrogant Lord Nakara is and regrets the deal they made immediately. Lord Nakara makes remarks about Sasha's looks and insults his father, which makes Prince Jahin mad, so he battles Lord Nakara for the honor of Sasha and his Father. However, before it gets out of hand, the King steps in and tells his son to calm down. They both agree that they will destroy Lord Nakara, after the Antar Galaxy has been captured. Prince Jahin and the Armayans go to the Antar Galaxy and conquer the galaxy in three days. Lord Nakara is resentful of the Armayan’s power, and he plans to use them and then destroy their civilization when they are finished, except for a few that he plans to enslave, including as Prince Jahin. Prince Jahin, Bautista and Tralick's son, stay behind in Antar to finish up conquering the galaxy, while the rest of the Armayans go back to Akita. The King and Tralick decide that they must take down Lord Nakara. But before they take on Lord Nakara, the King and Tralick tell Sasha to send a couple of the sproutlings to far off worlds, ensuring the protection of the Armayan race. Lord Nakara goes to Akita. He kills the King and kidnaps Sasha. General Doom tells Prince Jahin that another planet has attacked Akita, so he races home to protect his people. Just before Prince Jahin makes it back, Lord Nakara sends a KI energy ball to blow up Akita, killing all the Armayans. The Prince watches helplessly as his people die. Lord Nakara and General Doom offer Prince Jahin help to seek vengeance against the “other planet,” that supposedly attacked Akita. Without knowing that Sasha is alive and that it was Lord Nakara that destroyed his people, Prince Jahin agrees to the help. Prince Jahin and the two other surviving Armayans, go with Lord Nakara to avenge the massacre of his people. On planet earth, one of Sasha’s sproutlings crashes into a forest and is discovered by an old man. While Prince Jahin destroys the world accused of the destruction of Akita. General Doom and Lord Nakara successfully trick him into believing that they are there to help and not harm.


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