Robert James Atton's Reel


Here is my editing reel which is more about storytelling than fancy edits. My story was of love and marriage, to the birth of new life and all good things end in death. Now as for some of the shots on the other hand, I tried to pick the best ones out. I'm not good at hand held camera work, I shake like bacon...Lol. The wedding was shot on a tablet. The Baptism was shot on three different cameras, plus a tablet and cellphone. The cemetery scene was shot on the c100 for my film 1.

Obligations Film.mp4

A full time college student, fired from her job, assumes the responsibility of supporting her alcoholic father at home, whose abusive nature forces her to consider giving up on taking care of him.

A struggling musician in 1930's Chicago is taken into police custody following the mysterious death of his protege.


The video with my song lyrics is my first ever written song. My buddies band put music to the lyrics I wrote.

Don't Smoke Radio Commercial

I wrote, recorded, and edited this one myself.

A Hot Date Radio Commercial

Vanessa, Mike and myself were all the voices in this commercial. Mike and I wrote and edited the commercial.

Subway SAndwich Shop Robbery News Report

In this News Broadcast we had to do for school, Tony Harper was the reporter, Alex Baker and James Schmidt were the two actors. I did the Camera-operations and editing.

Prophet The Denominator

This video turned out to be really good, thanks to Ed Perkins Music by his band, his directing, his acting, his camera work and most important his Editing skills. James Schmidt was the other actor and camera-man. I did some camera work on this shoot as well, but my main area over all was the makeup job on ED to get his wounded look.

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