Loglines & Screenplays by Doug Shear

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A Fortune to Kill


A Fortune to Kill: A young woman seeks supernatural help to find her husband’s murderer, then has to choose between revenge or money.

Panhandlers in Paradise

GENRES: Comedy

Panhandlers: Two naive teenagers seek revenge after getting scammed by a con artist and his get-rich-quick scheme.

Slow Boat to Heaven

GENRES: Crime, Thriller

Slow Boat to Heaven: In a retirement home nicknamed “Crackhead Paradise,” a wheelchair-bound resident fights to prevent two insidious siblings from murdering their mother, his friends, and the woman he loves.

Mr. Puppy

GENRES: Comedy, Fantasy

Mr. Puppy: An evil scientist uses a genetically enhanced Puppy to enslave the world. Only a clumsy teenager has a chance of stopping him.

The Rhubarb Way

GENRES: Experimental, Independent

The Rhubarb Way: In order to escape a city on the verge of collapse, a Survivalist and his Suicidal Girlfriend must outwit the Police, a Demented CEO, and Members of a New Age Suicide Cult.

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