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About Iannis

Iannis is a multi-award-winning writer and filmmaker. His romantic dramedy script "Only Loves Matters" won a Gold Award for Original Screenplay from the Hollywood Gold Awards, the film of which is currently undergoing a successful festival run, while his noir thriller screenplay “Samantha Rutledge P.I, A Killer Case” was a Semi-Finalist at the Hong Kong Indie Film Festival 2021 and his romantic action comedy script “Valentina, Relationship Killer” won Best Unproduced Screenplay at the Berlin International Art Film Festival. Prior to that, his dramedy screenplay "Mary and Dionysus" was a Semi-Finalist at the Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Competition 2018 as well as reaching the Quarterfinals at the 2019 Scriptapalooza Screenwriting competition and his short film "Headz" won a Gold Lion Award at the2016 London Film Awards. When not writing screenplays or making films, he scribes short stories and comic books. He also loves to eat and sleep. He’s a sucker for rakomelo, dark chocolate, and honey. Finally, he's a firm believer that humankind was at its best during the thousands of years of hunting and gathering but knows that, unfortunately, he wouldn't last two days alone in the wilderness.

Unique traits: Lots of hair on body, not so much on head.


  • Luise and Melissa

    Luise and Melissa Budget: $1M - $5M | Drama A woman with a history of violence lives a depressing existence in a small town until she comes to care for a girl with traumatic mutism and life gets meaningful again but her past catches up with her and she must fight to protect those she’s come to care for.

  • Demeter

    Demeter Budget: $100K - $1M | Horror A career soldier returns to his loving and empathic fiancée after a two week special training program only for her to start to feel that something bad has happened to him and to fear that he is slowly changing into a zombie.

  • Mary and Dionysus

    Mary and Dionysus Budget: $100K - $1M | Drama Romance A depressed woman goes to her holiday house to kill herself but finds a loud, eccentric artist hiding there and with no intention of going away. A relationship of extremes ensues.

  • Of Vampire Born

    Of Vampire Born Budget: $1M - $5M | Action Fantasy A woman working as a night nurse is, in fact, one of the last of her kind of mystical vampires. When the bigoted modern inquisition kidnaps her eight-year-old daughter, she’s forced into an epic battle to get her back.

  • Valentina, Relationship Killer

    Valentina, Relationship Killer Budget: $1M - $5M | Romance Action A hopeless romantic woman feels unlucky in love due to the nature of her job as an assassin, but when she falls for the fiancé of a woman she’s hired to kill, she feels she has finally found 'the one'.

  • Act of Loyalty

    Act of Loyalty Budget: $100K - $1M | Action Thriller Crime A gangster falls in love with a woman he meets on the job, but when it’s revealed that she’s an undercover cop, his boss orders him to kill her.

  • Samantha Rutledge P.I: A Killer Case

    Samantha Rutledge P.I: A Killer Case Budget: $100K - $1M | Thriller Film-noir A bored and jaded female private-eye, takes on another seemingly open and shut case of infidelity, only to put herself in grave danger when it turns out that the cheating spouse is, in fact, a professional killer.

  • Scar Tissue

    Scar Tissue Budget: $100K - $1M | Action Thriller A facially scarred woman roams the streets at night fighting crime but gets targeted by a fascist group of criminals who vow to destroy her, starting with her interracial romantic relationship.

  • Lady Crimson

    Lady Crimson Budget: $1M - $5M | Action Thriller Film-noir A psychopathic aristocrat hires an infamous assassin to murder his wife but the killer falls for her considerable charms and a scheme is set in place for them to get away together with the money for the job.


  • Flesh

    Flesh (2017)
    Film by Wright Way Films Ltd. (Horror and Short) Writer/Director A British career soldier returns to his loving and empathic fiancé in London after a two-week special training program in the countryside, but she starts to feel that something bad has happened to him and fears that he is slowly changing into a zombie-like creature.

  • Raw

    Raw (2017)
    Film by Wright Way Films Ltd. (Music and Short) Writer/Director RAW is the story of a career soldier who returns to his loving and empathic fiancée after a two week special training program, only for her to start to feel that something bad has happened to him and to fear that he is slowly changing into a zombie. It features the progressive metal band Persona Non Grata.

  • Headz

    Headz (2015)
    Film by Wright Way Films Ltd. (Drama and Short) Writer/Producer In the spacious and rusty confines of an abandoned warehouse he calls home, Factory Man goes about everyday life, gathering scattered items and exploring the land nearby. His sole companions in this lonesome existence are pigeons and a discarded manikin, which he goes to great lengths to dress up and make presentable. Then one day Factory Man crosses paths with a wandering woman and knows she is the one for him.

  • Six Seconds To Die

    Six Seconds To Die (2013)
    Film (short) by Wright Way Films Ltd. (Horror) Director/Producer A man's recurring nightmare comes to gruesome life.

  • Ethel

    Ethel (2013)
    Film (short) by Wright Way Films Ltd. (Drama) Writer/Director/Producer A woman is suffering a mental breakdown due to the death of her baby daughter.

  • Working Man

    Working Man (2012)
    Film (short) by The House of Writers (Comedy and Drama) Lead Actor/Producer Working Man gets fired from his day job, but that gives him the motivation to go back to his passion and true calling, much to the dismay of his long suffering girlfriend.

  • Waiting

    Waiting (2012)
    Film (short) by Evergreen Media Europe and The Wright Way Films (Comedy and Drama) Writer/Assistant Director Waiting, there is a lot of it in the afterlife.

  • Ambrosia

    Ambrosia (2012)
    Film (short) by The Wright Way Films (Drama and Mystery) Writer/Director/Producer Ambrosia, depressed and suicidal, gets a visit unexpected from her ex boyfriend. Their passion reunites and life seems good once more. Until it all comes crushing down.

  • Lady Crimson

    Lady Crimson (2012)
    Film (short) by Wright Way Films Ltd. (Action, Thriller and Film-Noir) Writer/Director/Producer Amber, the latest embodiment of Red Riding Hood, joins forces with the infamous assassin known as Wolf, in order to escape the clutches of her psychopathic husband, the aristocrat Bluebeard.

  • An Act of Loyalty

    An Act of Loyalty (2012)
    Film (short) by Evergreen Media Europe Ltd. (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Writer, Producer, Actor MICHAEL hates early mornings. He is grumpy as he is about to leave the apartment. JENNY is in the shower. He kisses her good bye. He is off to meet his friend GABRIEL at his home, they regularly meet in to discuss matters relating to the job of being 'Made' men. Jenny leaves the apartment. She gets in her car driving to an appointment. She parks and walks quickly down the street. She looks around and gets in a car. A man in his thirties drives off. It is evident that Gabriel has something he needs to get off his chest as he tries to buy time before telling Michael what it is. He has known Michael all his life and hates to be the one to break bad news to his best friend. Gabriel tells Michael that it is about Jenny, then hands some snap shots to Michael. In the pictures, Jenny is seen talking to the same man whose car she got in. Gabriel says he's sorry and asks if there is anything he can do. Michael keeps looking at the pictures. He knocks his fist hard on the table. The man in that ... Written by Iannis Aliferis

  • His Promise

    His Promise (2011)
    Film (short) by Kamran Qureshi (Crime, Drama and Romance) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Following his release from prison Max has one thing in mind, which is to fulfill a promise he made two years earlier. However, before he can do that he needs to settle some unfinished business relating to his brother's murder.

  • Exodus

    Exodus (2009)
    Film (short) by Borderline Shorts Ltd (Drama and Mystery) Writer/Director Joshua believes that the apocalypse is here and the dead walk the streets. he has made his home his sanctuary and stays inside all the time. But when he starts getting visitations from his ex girlfriend Yolanda, thinks start to unravel in his world and the truth is the only thing that will set him free.


  • Best Unproduced Script, Quarterfinalist, Vancouver Independent Film Festival

  • Best Unproduced Feature Script, Semi-Finalist, Madrid Arthouse Film Festival

  • Best Unproduced Script, Quarterfinalist, Rio de Janeiro World Film Festival

  • Semi-Finalist for Best Original Screenplay at Dublin World Film Festival

  • Finalist for Script Category, Manhattan Film Festival

  • Best Unproduced Script in a Feature Film, Semi-Finalist, Hong Kong Indie Film Festival, 2021.

  • Feature Script Winner, Tagore International Film Festival

  • Best Screenplay, Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival

  • Best Feature Script/Screenplay, Indo French International Film Festival

  • Best Feature Script, World Film Carnival, Singapore

  • Best Feature Screenplay, GLIFF - Golden Lemur

  • Best Thriller Script, Gold Star Movie Awards

  • Silver Award Screenplay Winner at the Virgin Spring Cinefest

  • Award Winner in the Feature Script category at Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festival

  • Award for Best Characters in a Horror Screenplay at Adbhooture Film Festival

  • Award Winner for BEST FEATURE SCRIPT / SCREENPLAY at 2 11 17 International Film Festival

  • Award Winner for Best Unproduced Screenplay at Berlin International Art Film Festival

  • Award Winner for Best Screenplay at Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival

  • Award Winner for Best Feature Script/ Screenplay at Hodu International film festival

  • Crime/Mystery Festival - One of the Top Scripts

  • Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Competition - Semi Finalist

  • Bronze Award - Spotlight Horror Film Awards

  • Silver Award - Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards

  • Gold Lion Award - London Film Awards

  • BIAFF 4 Star award

  • Johnson Trophy for Best Drama


  • Raindance

  • Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

  • Middlesex University

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