Loglines & Screenplays by Christina Thompson

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A Cry from Beyond

GENRES: Independent, Other

When 12 year old Babs, wonders away from the little league field to see the flood waters of the Salt River in Tempe, Arizona, she gets buried alive. How she survives is a mystery. What she discovers in her search for answers creates more questions to the after life. FAST forward: "P.T.S.D. does it ever leave? A simple image flipping the flood gates open. The heart pounding like Hoover Dam. Falling and drowning in the rushing tidal wave of nerves opening twisted tears, years, no decades later, P.T.S.D. "She is not there, she isn't there! Girl, rise. Heart hurts. Blood and sand. Broken ear drum, pounding pain in melody with an old flour mill. 'Tick tock the clock on Mill' 1:56 A.M. Vomit, blood, the pain. "SHES NOT THERE!" I love you my friend, forgive me, I am sorry, do I have to say "Thank YOU?" Is this the missing piece? I am sorry! I love you! Please forgive me! Oh my GOD. Yes, the answer is YES. "THANK YOU" .... I survived. I am not dead. P.T.S.D." I hate that it hurts. I am angry. I am furious. I always let it go. P.T.S.D. your a thorn." ~WOLFEAGLE

Smoke and Mirrors

GENRES: Comedy, Drama

Jack jumps in head first and burns, bringing anyone connected down the inferno of smoke and mirrors. Every scam every con every dog and pony show draws Jack like a magnet. He is the most disgusting loser until he meets his grandma who removes the rose colored glasses.

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