Loglines & Screenplays by Raymond J. Negron

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Planet Dog

GENRES: Animation, Comedy

"Four unlikely insects must team up to keep the planet on it's feet." Full Length Script.

I Am, Yodel

GENRES: Comedy, Musical

A yodeler, with huge balls must battle an ego maniacal eunuch, during the yodeling contest of a lifetme, in order to restore his families legacy.

Lenny Gets Lucky!

GENRES: Independent

A Brookyn janitor wins the local lotto and rents a call girl from New jersey to have dinner at the local hotspot for one night of bliss. 

Bulletsoaker, the finger and Uncle break-aleg


"Three different stories about local heavies in NYC."

The Gift of Life

GENRES: Other, Fantasy

"An archangel is given the demonic cure to help human beings become God's through his gift"

Don't Take It Personally

GENRES: Comedy

"An overweight barista must get in shape to become a personal trainer to save his client's lives and his fathers reputation through exposing the ex-Chippendales dancer who would tarnish it."

Kivleena: Waiting for whale

GENRES: Historical, Biography

"A whaling community in rural Alaska is loosing its culture to its poor economy and must go hunt a whale to save it." Based o a true story." 


GENRES: Adventure, Animation

"A Lion and a Butterfly must lead a pack of elephants through a ravenous territory to find it's lost relative" 


GENRES: Sci-fi, Thriller

"A God realizes his evil ways and travels back in time to activate a human that can destroy his evolving bloodline from existence."

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