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By Yevgeniy V. Natalenko

GENRE: Fantasy


Earth becomes Hell and Creator decides to fix it!

It's been written by Colin K. Stewart base on my book: "Hellians or Soul-0-Rule"


When an apocalyptic event ravages Earth, God realizes he made a mistake in how he set up humanity and society when he created it. He and his wife discuss the problems that existed before and how to make a society free of the same issues, basically a perfect utopia. He intends to have each of those who survived become a “Galactic Man” and create a world that lives in “Love and Eternity.” To do this they must first go through “soul self-cleaning facilities” to unlearn the corrupt morality of their previous world. A group of travelers is selected to undergo the process first. They go to a facility on the moon and try to face their negative feelings and sins that allow the “Black Angel” to take control of their minds and hearts. Eventually, all of humanity is given the choice to be “resurrected in a new form of existence” if they want to become a part of “God’s New World.” Those who refuse cease to exist and what’s left of Earth is swallowed by a black hole.

Fernando Jimenez Motte

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