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By David J Schroeder

GENRE: Drama

A young man's Ivy League scholarship is interrupted by a paralyzing
accident and community service as a live-in supervisor in a halfway
house for the mentally disabled.


Gabriel Matthews' focus on reclaiming his scholarship and returning to

school is lost when he reluctantly accepts a summer job, which sends him

into the small town world of the mentally disabled.

With his grandmother's '55 Cadillac convertible and his wheelchair,

Gabriel 'maps out' on his khaki pants his return of sensation, feeling,

and sense of purpose.

The five Halfway House boys challenge Gabriel's intellectual pride.

Bobby Shine suffers from 'euphoric syndrome'; he gets on a bus to go

bowling, and ends up in NYC. Harold and Myron Wambo, brothers, are

gentle giants. Bill behaves like 'father knows best,' and has

narcoleptic epilepsy. Tommy Wood is dark and sardonic; he has a willing

girlfriend, a chip on his shoulder, and a switchblade knife.

Anne, the halfway house cook, is a conflicted Catholic who works for

Planned Parenthood. She has no time for a husband, because she spends

all her time taking care of boys.

Duke, Anne's father, is the local doughnut maker and bookie; he scams everyone, but Gabriel, who has the Duke's pickle jar.

Morgan is the saxophone player and siren; she knows Gabriel's secret past and a secret Gabriel does not know.

But no one knows the haunting images of Gabriel's disability.

By the end of the summer's journey, Gabriel and the Halfway House Boys,

through humor and galvanized by tragedy, poignantly discover the

emotional truths of their humanity desire, belonging, and self-worth.

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