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Quentin Tarantino said exactly what i feel about my ambitions to become a writer/director, he said "I’m never going to be shy about anything, what I write about is what I know; it’s more about my version of the truth as I know it. That’s part of my talent, really — putting the way people really speak into the things I write. My only obligation is to my characters. And they came from where I have been.”. That being said I truly want to become a filmmaker because I wanna be a part of what I'm so passionate about: movies. Its an art form of expression, the only art form where you can direct a movie that you did not write and still convey your own message through it, even if only visual, now think about what you can do with a story that you did write? That to me is an amazing thing in itself, being able to have something to say and have hundreds, thousands, and hopefully millions of people watch it and feel something, even if they hated it, if a film maker does their job right the people will feel some sort of emotion regardless, and I want to be able to have the freedom an ability to do that, yes I love music and books, but film making is all visual, you witness with your own two eyes, a protagonist for maybe 2 hours, three structures, a beginning, middle, and end, you get to watch him/her change as a person from good to bad or bad to good, you sympathise with their goals, and you agree or disagree with their choices to achieve those goals, and I one day want people to watch a movie that I made and agree with the choices I have made to bring a story to life. I want to be able to seek out untapped potential or underutilised talent the kind of talented people who sit and edit videos on YouTube, or a great local musician that wants to extend his/her reach even further through a film, basically anyone who, even if it doesn't launch them into stardom, will have had the chance to at least shoot for the stars in some sort of way. I don't want to be a talent agent but I do think its essential to share them with the world if you happen to stumble across them. To simple put it, I want nothing more than to create worlds, characters, and stories for movie-goers to enjoy, I want to tug at heart strings, bring people to the edges of their seats, make people laugh till their sides hurt, and until I make that happen for the rest of my life, the feeling of knowing I have not utilized my artistic abilities will not subside. :)

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