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Yaron Betan was born on June 10, 1981, in Toronto, Canada. After acquiring a wealth of knowledge from working for distributors such as Dreamworks, Echelon Entertainment and Cinema Vault, the founder of White Night Studios Yaron Betan has paired with a Katherine Choptiany a Cannes film-maker who both decided to launch Moving Image as a means of offering the film world a voice to call their own. Indie filmmakers and first- timers to the festival circuit are being integrated with artistic longevity. A commercial platform integrated with a nest of indie film-makers sets forth Moving Image's mandate to infuse the established industry with a breath of freshness coming from those that are starting to make their mark. As acting Director for Concept Media Arts Inc. Yaron Betan also performs as Chief Executive on two other divisions known only as White Night Studios (a film production & distribution division) and Spotz - VPS an outsourced video and film production servicing company. Aside from Producing Yaron still manages to find the time to teach at the Picture Perfect Film School in Toronto, Canada.



  • Heroes Manufactured

    Heroes Manufactured (2016)
    Film by Yaron Betan (Documentary, Action, Adventure and News) Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Camera and Electrical Department A Story about Canadian Independent Comic Artist trying to break into the comic book industry while facing some of Pop Cultures biggest challenges. In the obvious world of Mass Production and celebrity Media craze, we exploit the reality of producing Super Heroes in a market saturated with Artists, Writers, Celebrities, Cosplayer's and everything else the comic-con markets have to offer. Written by Anonymous

  • Drive-Through: The Story Movie

    Drive-Through: The Story Movie (2014)
    Film by Ben Goldenberg (Action, Comedy and Drama) Producer "Drive-Through" weaves together several eclectic story lines to embrace the beauty and power of storytelling as a medium. It's a look at how people use and misuse, storytelling to interact with one another. "Drive-Through" is a self-reflexive motion picture that embraces film, the internet and other technological marvels of this information age to express how storytelling has evolved. "Drive-Through" is a study of the human condition - we are all connected by the stories we tell and by the mundane things in life that we do in life, we "drive through" life, oblivious to the people around us who share so much in common; shopping for groceries, pumping gas, paying our bills and getting drive-thru fast food. Written by Ben Goldenberg

  • La fille du Martin

    La fille du Martin (2013)
    Film by Samuel Thivierge (Adventure, Family and Romance) Producer, Miscellaneous Crew A young woman meets an undisciplined ex-classmate ... when romance flourishes, it leads them on an adventure that puts their lives in peril.

  • AKP: Job 27

    AKP: Job 27 (2013)
    Film by Michael L. Suan (Action, Crime, Drama and Romance) Producer, Cinematographer, Actor A Yakuza hitman travels to North America for his 27th job, only to find lingering memories of lost love through a chance encounter with a beautiful prostitute.

  • Dandruff

    Dandruff (2013)
    Film (short) by Kyle Wilkinson (Comedy, Drama and Mystery) Cinematographer, Actor A movie producer, with mental and emotional issues, attempts to make a hit film.

  • Waiting for Summer

    Waiting for Summer (2012)
    Film by Senthil Vinu (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew, Camera and Electrical Department This romantic drama tells the story of a young woman and man whose destinies collide, interweaving and connecting in ways neither could have imagined.

  • Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish

    Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish (2011)
    Film (short) by Jeff Chan (War) Miscellaneous Crew A team of soldiers, with close air support and satellite surveillance, perform Operation Kingfish - the attempted capture of an international terrorist. They find a trap waiting, however, and are forced to withdraw without their prize.

  • The Bright Side of the Moon

    The Bright Side of the Moon (2011)
    Film by Farhad Alizadeh Ahi (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Producer After being kidnapped and taken to an isolated cabin in a snowbound forest, Parisa realizes that her husband is not going to pay the $5 million ransom, so she must svae herself.

  • The Deadly Game

    The Deadly Game (2011)
    Film by Verneka Hall-Jackson (Drama, Family and Thriller) Producer, Cinematographer A thrilling drama involving a love triangle between a biracial couple and their hired help! As the drama unfolds it is revealed that the couple married each other for very different reasons, one for love and the other for wealth. Life is perfect for the power couple and their beautiful daughter Belle until one day there is a discovery of betrayal that turns their marriage into a real life drama involving sex, lies, video tapes and seduction!!! Written by Anonymous

  • Apocalypse Story

    Apocalypse Story (2010)
    Film (short) by Jeffrey P. Nesker (Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi) Producer Because we can't escape who we are.

  • Move On: The Video and Documentary

    Move On: The Video and Documentary (2010)
    Film (short) by Adrian Miller (Documentary) Producer

  • $9.50

    $9.50 (2010)
    Film (short) by Ranjith Joseph Cinematographer The journey of two Tamil youth in Scarborough as they grapple with a series of events over period of 24 hours.

  • The Golgothan Terror Plot

    The Golgothan Terror Plot (2009)
    Film by J.C. Wén (Drama) Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director Three filmmakers document the lives of Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem's Old City. Three days into filming Dani Dagan Israeli Journalist disappears and is never heard of since.

  • From Wimp to Pimp

    From Wimp to Pimp (2008)
    Film by Ben Goldenberg (Comedy) Producer Melvin, a school smart but socially retarded orphan, has a life-long crush on the high-school-hottie Veronica Lloyd. After finding that he was born into a long line of mystical ladies men (Headi Knights), he uses the mystical powers of the "Horse" to become a master Pimp. Written by Yaron Betan

  • Butterfly Child

    Butterfly Child (2005)
    Film (short) by Yaron Betan (Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Producer, Writer, Director, Editor A child prodigy lives through corruption with his father who seems to be part of a criminal underworld. "Butterfly Child" is a film that tells the story of the need to escape a life that offers nothing but death. It is a story that explores the will of a child through the convoluted world of crime and deception. Alex a 12 year old child prodigy lives in an abusive home with his father. He reveals the real cause behind his mother's death as he learns about his father's involvement. Now the child must do whatever he can to escape a life of danger. Is he facing reality alone or is someone out there observing his every move? Written by Anonymous

  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse

    Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
    Film by Alexander Witt (Action, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor Alice awakens from a terrible sleep to find her worst fears realized--the bloodthirsty Undead, which she and the now-annihilated squad of elite military fought to destroy, have been unleashed on the city that surrounds the secret facility of the Umbrella Corporation. Discovering she was an Umbrella experiment, Alice has been bio-genetically enhanced with new strengths, senses and dexterity--and she will need them. In the heart of the ravaged Raccoon City, a small group of uninfected people, including Jill Valentine, a recently demoted member of Umbrella Corp's elite Special Tactics and Rescue Services team, and S.T.A.R.S team leader Carlos Oliveira, fight for their lives against swarms of Undead and the deadlier and faster Lickers. Running out of luck and resources, the group is rescued by Alice, and they begin to wage an exhilarating battle to survive and escape before the Umbrella Corporation erases its experiment from the face of the earth. Their only hope lies somewhere within ... Written by Anthony Pereyra {hypersonic91@yahoo.com}

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