Loglines & Screenplays by Serenity Edward

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GENRES: Independent, Sci-fi, Drama


Forward is a sci-fi drama that explores human evolution as a physiological inevitability. Both guided and thwarted by two warring alien races, as well as by a government intent on stopping the evolution, a group of humans fight to lead humanity towards the future of the possible towards a better humanity.

8 Bucks

GENRES: Independent, Drama

8 Bucks is the story of convergence and fate; a homeless couple and a restaurant owner whose restaurant is on the brink of closing its doors for good meet by happenstance and together, they discover that homelessness is not always what it seems and failure can be be a success all its own.

Silent Scream

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi, Drama

A museum curator, raised in a contentious relationship by her older sister, discovers by accident that she possesses the gift of sonar power, with a scream above the pitch of human hearing, but having the strength to bring down buildings. Her sister, a scientist corrupted by the corporation that pays for her research, is coerced to try and harness that power to nefarious ends.



A young woman returns from the Afghanistan war, a victim of PTSD and suffering sexual abuse at the hands of members of unit. Without family, friends or resources, she quickly succumbs to substance abuse and joins the tribe of homeless veterans in LA, who seem to be the only ones who understand.

The Domino Effect

GENRES: Action, Thriller

A sociopath, intent on vengeance for wrongs experienced throughout his adolescence, set an elaborate plan in motion to destroy all those who wronged him. With the assistance of his co-dependent girlfriend and partner in crime, we goes through his list one by one, staying one step ahead of the one family member who's on to his plan.

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