Loglines & Screenplays by Desiree Argentina

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Happy Birthday Cupcake


A young woman goes through trials and tribulations during a mission to surprise her boyfriend with a cupcake for his birthday. 


GENRES: Thriller

A mysterious woman has sinister plans for the men she meets in the course of a night.

For Sale

GENRES: Thriller, Horror

A heart broken, young woman thinks she's having the worst day of her life when the love of her life cheats on her. She soon realizes she was mistaken when she opens the door for a dangerous stranger.

Beyond the Clouds

GENRES: Sci-fi, Drama

A young girl would do anything to leave her family behind and join a new one, but what happens when her dreams may become reality?

Helicopter Mom

GENRES: Thriller

A young, naive boy is befriended by a beautiful but dangerous stranger. She is willing to help him escape his captor, his mother.

Savage Club

GENRES: Thriller

Being a victim of bullying, a sheltered young boy is desperate to fit in with a group of malicious boys in his new neighborhood. He must decide how far he is willing to go in order to be accepted by the group. 

The Snow Between Us


Already in a bad mood, a hard working young woman must brave the snow and ice to get home from a long day of work. On her journey home, she meets an intriguing stranger that might just impact her in a way she never expected.

The Interview

GENRES: Independent, Drama

Everything goes wrong the morning of a man's interview. He takes out his anger and frustration out on anyone that crosses his path. 

Paper Airplanes

GENRES: Animation, Family

The new kid is shy, quiet and getting bullied at his new school. He looks for a way to fit in with the cool kids.

Study Sesh

GENRES: Sci-fi, Thriller

A determined student blocks out the world and stays cooped up in her apartment to study for an exam. She has no idea the chaos that is going on around her.

The Portal

GENRES: Thriller, Horror

Three high school girls plan to have the summer of their lives but their plans are destroyed when ghosts and demons are released from a portal and have other plans.  

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