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Ita Udo-Ema

View from Above Entertinment
Producer, Visual Effects Artist, Visual Effects Supervisor and Editor

Mesa, Arizona

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Born in Bridgeport, CT , I am the last of three sons. After moving nine time in almost as many year, my family settled in the Valley of the Sun. My initial career path lead me to follow in the footsteps of his father, to Purdue University in West Lafeyette IN, studying mechanical engineering. After 3 year, I realized that his future was not to be in engineering. While in Indiana , fate conspired to introduce me to a future influence that would kick start my filmmaking career.

My fascination with movie magic led me back to Arizona and a degree in computer animation. Reuniting with fellow Boilermaker, Purdue Alumnus David M. Quiroz, I was given the opportunity to work on my first two feature projects: Night of the Chihuahuas and The Lonely Ones. From that point the path was set. In 2006, I received a degree in business and formed the digital media studio, View from Above Entertainment.


  • Steel Love

    Steel Love (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Visual effects While working late at night, a business woman has an encounter with a stranger in the building's elevator. A casual encounter becomes something more.

  • Capoeira Brasil Tempe - Batizado 2010

    Capoeira Brasil Tempe - Batizado 2010 (2010)
    Film (Documentary) Producer After a year hiatus, Capoeira Brasil Tempe has returned for their fourth batizado. This 2010 event marks a very exciting new beginning for the group, being the first in the newly opened...Capoeira Brasil Tempe Cultural Center.

  • Promise: The Sgt. Lane Chronicles

    Promise: The Sgt. Lane Chronicles (2009)
    Television (Thriller) Producer Ted and Jack, film students at Northern Arizona University, follow a member of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Sgt. Lane, on his daily patrols and witness his first encounter with Christopher, a young man who has been banished from a nearby religious community. Written by Daivd Michael Quiroz Jr.

  • Capoeira Brasil Tempe - Rodas 2008

    Capoeira Brasil Tempe - Rodas 2008 (2009)
    Film (Sport) Producer As a part the annual tradition, guest from around the US and abroad came to Arizona to celebrate the Capoeira Brasil 2008 Batizado. Master and student alike participate in a number of high energy rodas. This year members of CBT were able to return the favor and travel, "play the game", and bond with their distant brethren in the birth place capoeira, Brasil. Written by Anonymous

  • Capoeira Brasil Tempe 2008 Batizado

    Capoeira Brasil Tempe 2008 Batizado (2008)
    Film (Sport) Producer Capoeira is a celebration of life in the face of everyday struggle. Central to the message of Capoeira is unity and bringing people together to keep continual flow regardless of the game and to find peace, joy and fulfillment in the game and in life. Capoeira's circular and evasive movements, combined with its rich tradition of music and song, place it in a unique position as an art, and always poses the question "is Capoeira a game, a fight or a dance"? Written by Anonymous

  • Promise

    Promise (2008)
    Film (Thriller) Visual effects A single car travels along a lonely mountain road in the mountains of northern Arizona, its headlights cutting through the thick shadows of the forest around them. Within the car are Jesse and Selene, two young lovers escaping the uncertainty of their impending graduation for a night in an effort to reconcile their struggling relationship. Their romantic evening together becomes a harrowing nightmare as they are pursued off the main highway and onto a remote trail by a truck that bears down on them even as Jesse attempts to outrun it. Just as they are about to be overtaken by the vehicle, red emergency lights are lit up from its roof, revealing that they have just attempted to escape a State Trooper. Jesse pulls over, but the police vehicle continues past them on the road at breakneck speed, disappearing around a bend up ahead. They continue on their way, only to find that the State Trooper never made it to its destination; the Trooper is pinned down in his immobilized vehicle, ... Written by David M. Quiroz, Jr.

  • CBT: 2nd Annual Batizado 2007

    CBT: 2nd Annual Batizado 2007 (2007)
    Film (Sport) Producer Capoeira has become one of Brazil's top national sports and it has become firmly established in the U.S. Capoeira is a journey that occurs in many levels the individual, the sub-groups that exist due to length involved, the whole group, and the entire evolution of Capoeira. There is no place where growth stops, no place where we are done on this journey. Because there is no place where it ends, there is also no concrete expectations of where each of us are along the journey. The CBT Batizado 2007 showcases the accomplishments of the CBT students, as well as, a beautiful show of talents by Capoeira Brasil members and Mestres from around the world. Written by Deacon78

  • Capoeira Brasil Tempe Batizado

    Capoeira Brasil Tempe Batizado (2006)
    Film (Sport) Producer Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed initially by African slaves in Brazil, starting in the colonial period. It is marked by deft, tricky movements often played on the ground or completely inverted. It also has a strong acrobatic component in some versions and is always played with music. Written by Anonymous

  • The Lonely Ones

    The Lonely Ones (2006)
    Film (Horror) Actor Anticipating a weekend of R & R in the mountainous region of Northern Arizona, nine college buddies lodge at a remote cabin -- where local lore warns them of the horrifying evil that slinks in the dark forest. Dismissing the cautions of the nearby townspeople, the friends are now trapped in a night of blood-soaked terror that will transform this simple getaway into a permanent vacation. David Michael Quiroz Jr. helms this indie slasher flick. Written by Netflix

  • Night of the Chihuahuas

    Night of the Chihuahuas (2004)
    Film (Horror) Producer Leon arrives in the small town of San Miguel in southern Arizona only to find that most of the town has been brutally slaughtered. He is confronted by Samantha, a police officer from the neighboring town of Palo Verde, who is responding to a distress call. They quickly find themselves under attack by a pack of bloodthirsty Chihuahuas with the strength to back up their vicious attitudes. Unfortunately for Samantha, Leon's only fear in the world is Chihuahuas. Leon and Samantha encounter the few survivors left in town, including Johnny, the rowdy redneck who is hunting the dogs, and Erica, a young waitress accompanied by her part-Chihuahua puppy. They arrive at the Mayor's house and quickly find themselves trapped there with him. Samantha begins to suspect that some of the survivors may know more than they're letting on and that one or more of them may have something to do with the Chihuahuas attacking them. With an army of Chihuahuas surrounding them and all hope of escape cut off, the... Written by David Quiroz


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