Loglines & Screenplays by Luigi Passarelli

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Pop Corn

GENRES: Drama, Experimental, Independent

Pop Corn it's a movie telling about a reality show. The partecipants can win only remaining in silence. They cannot speak. This is the format of the show.



Un investigatore privato subaffitta la propria casa a studentesse universitarie, con le quali mantiene un ambiguo rapporto. E’ un ex poliziotto, ora lavora per un’agenzia privata. Uno dei casi di cui si occupa si complica e sembra non avere soluzione. E comincia a confondere lavoro con situazioni personali.


GENRES: Crime, Drama, Film-noir, Thriller

A former cop, now private investigator, investigates marital infidelity. His latest case seems unsolvable and remains entangled, even with his personal life, which it encloses an unseemly secret.


GENRES: Drama, Independent, Sci-fi

A researcher is engaged in a team for the development of new sources of energy. Just when everything seems to go wrong, he will find a solution.

Final Cut

GENRES: Experimental, Independent, Mystery

A video editor working in a rental shop. A client, which will fall in love, brings a large amount of video cassette, in which a relative of her, now deceased, seems to predict the future.

The mysterious object

GENRES: Experimental, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Sports

Football is no longer below. It 'was supplanted by a virtual game called Bios. He played injured all season, but he will lead his team to victory. And it shall put off further satisfaction.

In Bloom

GENRES: Action, Crime, Mystery

A missing child from a year ago back home. It seems to possess extraordinary powers


GENRES: Adventure, Sci-fi

The world is set to the project Price. Where it's all for sale, including people. A boy, after a fateful encounter, understand more deeply the system

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