Loglines & Screenplays by Brian Knight

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Family; Meet Chaos (working title)

GENRES: Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Not your typical nuclear family. What happens when your imagination comes to life and just won't go away?


GENRES: Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, Comedy

A fourteen year old girl develops like-superpowers when one of her dad's science experiments escapes the lab.

The Wonder Years II

GENRES: Comedy, Drama, Family

At their high school reunion; a widowed, Kevin and a divorced Winnie reunite. Ten years later their daughter has a story to tell.

The Tempus Effect (working title)

GENRES: Sci-fi, Thriller, Crime, Drama

Logline Coming Soon.

Star Trek - The Next Generation "Origins"

GENRES: Sci-fi

The Enterprise-D is flung back in time and across the galaxy to play witness to the beginnings of the Borg.

Friday the 13th: The Series (Reboot Concept)

GENRES: Horror, Film-noir

Estranged cousin's are left their Uncle Lewis's estate after his mysterious death. They find out that their uncles was into the occult and that the items sold in his antique shop are all cursed by the devil and it is their duty to recover them.

The Juggernaut vs. The Berserker Clan

GENRES: Action, Fantasy

When the Juggernaut is awakened, it is up to the Berserker Clan to put a stop to its evil terror across Europe.

The Sin Eaters

GENRES: Horror, Comedy

This is a concept B-rated film of the likes of Ghoulies; Critters; Trolls; House; etc. Part horror film and part dark comedy.

ET 2 - ET Returns

GENRES: Sci-fi, Adventure


Mouse Trap

GENRES: Action, Sports, Experimental

Be the one to build the better mouse trap. Compete against others to see who will survive.

Beat the Artist (working title)

GENRES: Musical, Other

Musicians compete against the original artist to see who can perform the song better. 

I.A. -- Internal Affairs

GENRES: Independent, Crime, Documentary

Taking a real look at the injustice of our justice system.

Austin's Lawn Care Services Commercial

GENRES: Independent, Other

Tired of your yard looking like a war zone? Austin's Lawns can help.

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