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By Mike W. Rogers

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller

A man with the uncontrollable power of Astral Projection is trapped in the back of a container truck and must work with two Columbian stowaway to stay alive, while constantly questioning his reality as he attempts to escape.


Present Day - MEXICO CITY

A billboard reads, “MONROE PHARMA - Sacrifice is hope for tomorrow.” Below, crushed against a guardrail, a sports car and a pick-up truck smolder from a high-speed accident.

CHRIS SCRIBBS (26) is desperate to find a cure for his Uncontrolled Astral Projection or U.A.P. While he sleeps, his spirit leaves his body, which places an unbearable strain on his family. In a cruel twist of fate, Chris is involved in a fatal accident with the one person who could help him, DR. PRUDENCE MONROE (28) but saves her megalomaniac brother, VICTOR MONROE (32).

Chris wakes in a stark white box of a container truck as the door rolls closed. Chris overcomes his fear to work with two Columbian stowaways, bartering water for food. But while HECTOR (54) and his daughter ISABELLA BLANCO (23), try to remain undiscovered, Chris’s needs lead him to attract two Road Workers who help him escape the container!

But Chris finds himself in a sterile lab where the empty truck’s wheels run on giant rollers, lights on timers simulate daylight, and a stereo plays, “Sounds of the Highway.” Chris discovers a video of the late Dr. Prudence Monroe, who explains, “we now have proof U.A.P patients are witnessing the past, our next containment unit will project what our patients are seeing.”

Back in the container, Chris desperately tries to convince Hector they are no closer to their goal than when they started. But Hector remains steadfast on getting his daughter to the United States. All seems lost when Isabella dies during childbirth and INS Agents raid the truck. Hector desperately tries to hand Chris the crying baby, as interior lights rise to reveal Chris was always alone in the stark white box.

Chris is brought to Victor who explains Prudence had built a container that could “project” the experience of people with U.A.P. before her death and that Hector and Isabella were Victor’s mother and Grandfather. Chris “projected” the story of how Victor was brought to the United States before being adopted by the Monroe Family.

Finally, it is revealed that Chris has been in a coma since the accident. No longer contained by his physical body, Chris can travel through space or time at will. But Victor offers Chris to stay and do more work in the container. We fade out on Chris smiling at the prospect of working with Victor further.

Themes: Deal with Estrangement from Family, and leaving a Personal Legacy.

Perspective: Told from the viewpoint of the Outcast.

Target Market: Demo: 18-25; Streaming Platforms, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Shudder

In the vein of: ESCAPE ROOM (2019, $57.0 Domestic), LIGHTS OUT (2016, $67.2 Domestic)

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