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By Danielle Silverstone

GENRE: Drama, Comedy

When two closeted couples get put in opposite PR Stunts with each other’s partner, they push everything to the limit trying to come out without actually coming out. Can they fight their team to be allowed to be themselves or will the industry win again? An (accidental) modern-day retelling of Midsummer Night’s Dream, but in Hollywood, about the effects of fame on the stars AND the fans.


Influencer/musician Jayden and his actor boyfriend Diego live with their best friend, musician Layla, whose girlfriend Syeira is an actor/dancer/singer. They all post cutesy videos on TikTok, cuddling, celebrating anniversaries, even showering together, but fans think they’re brothers, sister goals, roommates, just a couple of besties (other than a few with functioning eyeballs and a brain). Fans think they are all straight and have only ever been in straight relationships. Wrong. They’re being forcibly closeted for fear of conservative backlash, industry blacklisting, and family pressure.

We open on Jayden and Layla stepping out of Monu hand in hand to camera flashes, but they just say they have a new song coming Friday, and head home. Rewind three (3) weeks to when Brad and Carly (their managers) brought them to Simon Lyon, head of the record label, who told them to PR stunt to boost their song. They put it off as long as they can, but get told mid-dinner to start immediately because the real queer couples got caught on camera being a little too close.

Throughout Season One (1), the kids try to play the game the best they can, posting things for clout they’re required to whilst sneaking in videos of the real couples when they can. Their posts get controlled, they get sent on preplanned pap walks and events, and teams decide Syeira and Diego are gonna stunt too. The season ends with Syeira storming out of a panel at a con because everyone keeps asking her about her relationship with Diego instead of the movie, and Layla follows her out.

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