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By Daniel Ranalli

GENRE: Sci-fi
LOGLINE: In this sci-fi series, a task force led by an ex-soldier through different eras of prehistory in order to restore the forward flow of time.


Linus Henley, an ex-soldier, lives in the citadel of Philadelphia and tries his best to survive as his traumatic past tears at him. He earns a living by studying the prehistoric animals kept in a former prison, but they only remind him of the scars he suffered when he had the job of fighting them. Since the 2030’s, prehistoric animals have been walking into the present. They’ve been able to do this because some regions of Earth have become stuck at different points in prehistory. Humanity has given up on fighting, yet more of the Earth gets swallowed into prehistory every day. Now, in the 2080’s, more of it remains stuck in the past than in the present, and all due to man’s once-lauded invention of time travel, the abuse of which destabilized the once steady and forward flow of time. Ever since regions started getting stuck in the past, regions codenamed “time zones,” physicists have been working on something to end this global destabilization. And now -- they’ve done it in the form of a highly sophisticated machine. And it will be up to Henley to lead a task force around the world to straighten the flow of time by using this machine. But they will have to survive every predator, natural disaster, and ancient disease that has ever existed to do so.


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