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About Daniel

I aim to establish solid and meaningful relationships with broadcasters, buyers, producers and filmmakers to share the best nonfiction filmmaking around the world with audiences.

At Cargo Film & Releasing (), I cultivate our philosophy of creative diligence, smart curation, and transparent collaboration while developing strategies to advance high-quality documentary storytelling in international markets as part of one of the most producer-friendly outfits in the field.

We are also seeking investors and financing for our slate of projects at various stages of production. Serious inquiries only.

Recent titles include: Chasing Trane: The John Coltane Documentary; BANG: The Bert Berns Story; TRUMPED; Maineland



  • Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story

    Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story (2017)
    Film (Comedy) Editorial department This unique Hollywood story is the life-and-times chronicle of one of our greatest directors, Oskar Knight.

  • Brand: A Second Coming

    Brand: A Second Coming (2015)
    Film (Documentary and Biography) Editorial department Follows comedian/author/activist Russell Brand as he dives headlong into drugs, sex & fame in an attempt to find happiness, only to realize that our culture feeds us bad ideas & empty idols. Through his stand up, Brand explores his own true icons - Gandhi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X & Jesus Christ- & evolves from addict & Hollywood star to an unexpected political disruptor & newfound hero to the underserved. Will Brand hold fast against the roar of criticism to break out of the very system that built him? Written by Ondi Timoner

  • Russell Brands the Bird

    Russell Brands the Bird (2014)
    Film (Documentary and Short) Editor Comedian, Philosopher & Revolutionary Russell Brand is a unique voice, who challenges mainstream norms onstage and online. The final installment of the CEA (Chief Executive Artist) triptych from A TOTAL DISRUPTION follows Brand as he ventures into Twitter HQ, which he promises will cause "a glitch in the matrix." We safari behind the veil of the world's most popular micro-blogging platform through his eyes, culminating in a disruptive performance on their main stage. Written by Nick Corcorran

  • Amanda F***Ing Palmer on the Rocks

    Amanda F***Ing Palmer on the Rocks (2014)
    Film (Documentary, Short, Biography and Music) Editor Follow punk-cabaret icon Amanda Palmer as she hits the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Since her record-breaking $1.2 million crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign, Palmer (formerly of the Dresden Dolls) has carved out a path of fearlessness and independence outside the norms of the music industry. Written by anonymous

  • Stop

    Stop (2014)
    Film (Documentary, Crime and News) Editorial department STOP is a feature length documentary about Floyd v. City of New York, the class-action lawsuit that challenged the New York City Police Department's practice of stop & frisk, and resulted in the landmark decision finding the practice unconstitutional. Written by Anonymous

  • Obey the Artist

    Obey the Artist (2014)
    Film (Documentary, Short, Biography and Music) Producer OBEY THE ARTIST travels deep inside Shepard Fairey's creative process, exploring how politics and music inform his iconographic work. Tracing his punk rock roots from his early days of rigging copy machines and tagging to helming a thriving, independent business by harnessing the power of technology, the film follows Fairey as he transforms a photograph by National Geographic's Aaron Huey from a digital print to the streets of L.A. in the form of a remarkable 12-foot mural in order to give voice to the forgotten history of Native Americans. The latest in a series from A TOTAL DISRUPTION, "OBEY THE ARTIST" looks at this groundbreaking artist who is innovating his independence. Written by anonymous

  • Benny the Bum

    Benny the Bum (2012)
    Film (Comedy, Crime and Romance) Editor Philly fighter Benny never had a problem taking his lumps inside the ring. But after a year in prison, he finds his personal life packing more wallop than he's ready for. As Benny struggles to free himself of his past, he meets Stella, an alluring newcomer to his native city. The unlikely pair find they have a lot in common. But their romance comes to an end when Benny's creditors kidnap Stella for ransom. Written by Anonymous

  • Greystone

    Greystone (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama, History and Mystery) Editorial department In 1929 Edward Doheney Jr and his personal assistant were found shot to death in the former's opulent residence, Greystone Mansion. The official finding was murder-suicide: the assistant killed Doheny and then shot himself, but the facts just didn't add up. Some dubbed it a lover's quarrel; others blamed Doheny's wife. Many suspected foul play as the two men had recently been called to testify against Doheny's father in a bribery scandal. Greystone stages a series of interpretations of what might actually have occurred, using only dialog appropriated from Hollywood films also shot in the storied estate. Written by Anonymous

  • Shadows of Liberty

    Shadows of Liberty (2012)
    Film (Documentary) Writer Shadows of Liberty presents the phenomenal true story of today's disintegrating freedoms within the U.S. media, and government, that they don't want you to see. The film takes an intrepid journey through the darker corridors of the American media landscape, where global media conglomerates exercise extraordinary political, social, and economic power. The overwhelming collective power of these firms raises troubling questions about democracy. Highly revealing interviews, actuality, and archive material, tell insider accounts of a broken media system, where journalists are prevented from pursuing controversial news stories, people are censored for speaking out against abuses of government power, and individual lives are shattered as the arena for public expression has been turned into a private profit zone. Will the Internet remain free, or be controlled by a handful of powerful, monopolistic corporations? The media crisis is at the core of today's most troubling issues, and people ... Written by DOCFACTORY

  • Just Seen It

    Just Seen It (2011)
    Television (Talk-Show) Editor Review show where industry professionals review the newest in theaters, on TV and cable as well as provide inside Hollywood interviews.

  • Stuntman

    Stuntman (2008)
    Video (Short and Comedy) Editor A young couple receive an unexpected visitor who pulls a stunt they won't forget.

  • Elite Productions

    Elite Productions (2008)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Editor VP of Production Lin Cho-Fung arrives late to the investor meeting to find chaos. Somehow, the eclectic ethnicity's of the investors have clashed, and all around cultural faux pas has been committed. Just when Lin settles restores order, Executive Producer Andy Reeves enters the room less than sober, and more than enthusiastic. A few embarrassing moments later, the boardroom is crashed by a six foot Malaysian prostitute demanding swift remittance for her services. We discover that her customer was none other than Andy (who is sporting a black eye under his dark sunglasses). After the Executive Producer's dirty laundry is publicly aired, security finally enters to remove the enraged prostitute. A vicious fight ensues in the boardroom between the unpaid street walker and security force which unfortunately results in electrocution, unconsciousness, and awkward silence. Just a typical day at Elite productions. Written by Anonymous

  • Venice

    Venice (2008)
    Film (Short, Crime and Thriller) Editor A decaying urban canal system. A crooked scheme to turn the waterways into the next Venice. A small-time hood named Chick who disappears with a bag full of bribe money... Stalked by a bizarre pair of killers, Chick soon discovers that the only thing more dangerous than no getaway plan is one that's too clever: his girl, Nat, seduces a local boat driver who looks a lot like Chick into unwittingly taking the fall for them. Or at least, that's the plan... Written by Anonymous

  • Independent Lens

    Independent Lens (2008)
    Television (Documentary) Editorial department Different celebrity host present a new independent documentary.

  • No Outlet

    No Outlet (2007)
    Film (Documentary) Editor Middle-class America supports a rich irony: its children don't have to grow up. This documentary tracks their condition as they veer between blue-collar jobs and petty criminality, anti-depressants and hard drugs, therapy-speak and violence, trying to find a way to explain themselves. In this film, we try to draw our audience into an experience of the unnoticed, unexpected, and disruptive rhythms that dominate the everyday life familiar to them. In the banal, pristine world of the suburbs, we chart the dynamics of a constant search for distraction, and record the vacillations of an energy and intelligence that can find no adequate means of expression or purpose. Written by Anonymous

  • Operation Filmmaker

    Operation Filmmaker (2007)
    Film (Documentary) Editorial department Soon after the fall of Baghdad in 2003, a young and charismatic film student, Muthana Mohmed, stands in the rubble of the city's film school and explains to an American television audience that his dream of becoming a filmmaker has been destroyed - first by Saddam Hussein, then by American bombs. This brief, fortuitous appearance on MTV changes Muthana's life forever. Watching in the United States, actor/director Liev Schreiber stops channel surfing, utterly captivated. Feeling guilty about a war he opposed, Schreiber decides to extend to the unknown Iraqi the opportunity of a lifetime - to come to Prague to work on an American movie, Everything is Illuminated. On set, frustrated expectations complicate the relationship between Muthana and his American benefactors in what becomes a cross-cultural endeavor gone awry. Filmmaker Nina Davenport becomes increasingly entangled in the young Iraqi's life as his visa is about to expire and the threat of returning to Baghdad looms. Operation ... Written by anonymous

  • Ride

    Ride (2006)
    Film (Short and Drama) Editor A delinquent stranded in an anonymous suburb gets a ride everywhere but home.

  • The Journey

    The Journey (2006)
    Film (Short, Drama and Fantasy) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

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