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By William Windsor

GENRE: Documentary
LOGLINE: The producer/director of a documentary about government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption becomes the biggest victim of all when powers-that-be set out to stop the film from reaching theaters by destroying the life of the filmmaker.


Bill Windsor generated 1,700 hours of high definition movie film in a 247-day trip in which he drove to all 50 states to film one victim of government, judicial, or law enforcement corruption in each state. 7,000 people wanted to be filmed, and he managed to film 1,500. The documentary was supposed to be about the victims, but powers-that-be worked to stop Bill Windsor. He is the victim of the largest case of defamation in U.S. history. He has received hundreds of death threats. One man shot at him and attempted to kill him. He was incarcerated as a political prisoner where he spent 134 days trying to find an honest judge to let him out. His wife of 42 years divorced him out of fear for her life, and his children have disowned him for the same reason. Bill lost his family, his home, his friends, his life savings, just about everything. All because he wanted to help victims of INjustice.

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