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By James P. Neblett

GENRE: Sci-fi

When a malevolent alien race desecrates their own planet and invades a peaceful world of ascended beings, a brave young rebel struggles to lead a resistance to stop them destroying their world with a Super Weapon.


Imagine this:

You live on a planet far in the past, where spiritual growth is encouraged, and for the most part, peace rings throughout. Through advanced spiritual teachings you are able to manifest things out of thin air, simply by using your mind. Technology is super-advanced. Trains travel at terrific speeds. Vehicles (rotors) glide across land.

A planet where the only weapon that exists is something called a stun rod, which safely and temporarily incapacitates its recipient. Love and compassion is the order of the planet, though there are challenges that still test their beliefs.

FUTURE PAST is about a race of humans who live on a planet called TUMAC, and are invaded by alien giants called the MULA — vile creatures who were seeking out a new home after desecrating their own through neglect and ignorance, a planet that once belonged to other peaceful beings.

The Mula are a dominant warring-race that know no boundaries, and hold no empathy. Killing is what these creatures do best, and they enjoy it.

The Tumacians are easy pickings because having no serious weaponry, they are unable to defend themselves, thereby submitting to absolute control, afraid to even speak for fear of immediate death. Their world is now under Mula control.

But ADANO, a young and determined rebel with amazing fighting skills, honed by his childhood fears of being bullied, attempts to form a resistance to free his people — the first humans ever to appear on earth after escaping Tumac under threat of complete and utter destruction of their planet by a SUPER WEAPON — built by the Mula’s slave scientist, BRAK, a being of different origin, specifically for the purpose of controlling the Tumacians and warding off all resistance.

Adano is joined by TIKA, a beautiful and fearless young woman, who helps him pursue his quest, and to stay focused. They join forces with VULTAR, the great spiritual teacher, and ZELDOR, the caring leader of the planet, along with OM, a brilliant scientist, to secretly create a weapon of their own to fight back, and retrieve their planet from their malevolent occupiers.

Unfortunately, they don’t succeed, and in the end must make a heartfelt decision to remain on the planet, and perish along with everyone else, or…. escape to a new planet, recently discovered by the scientist, Om, a planet they have christened… Earth.

A fantastic, high-concept story that will appeal to people of all ages across the world!

Martin Reese

Love this! Good luck!

James P. Neblett

Thank you Martin. And the same to you!

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