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SPEC Ray Romano TV Pilot


I have a high concept TV show Spec TV pilot that would star Ray Romano. I do not know Mr. Romano but have watched Everybody Loves Raymond, Men of a Certain Age and his role on Parenthood. Mr. Romano keeps expanding his acting range and I believe my spec idea does justice to Mr. Romano's perpetual growth as an actor.

Am Looking for Show Runner Partner.

SPEC Pilot idea for a new kind of Law based TV Show.

GENRES: Family

We all get Spec ideas for new TV shows. Every now and then one sticks in my mind and it just won't go away. This idea is Law based and would cover ground that I don't think has been covered before. 

Am looking for a show runner partner.

New Sports league for Women.

GENRES: Sports

One of my strange gifts is while I don't have a photographic memory I seem to be able to track multiple types of action at the same time when I am watching television. It's possible I helped solved a wrongful death lawsuit by looking at a Youtube Police dashcam video. All I know is nine days after I sent my observation to the law office handling the wrongful death case they announced a 1.9 million dollar settlement. Unfortunately I was never credited. I think my intel helped because when I reviewed the youtube afterwards some of the sound had been muted that had not been muted before.

In this instance I am certain I have an idea for a new Profitable, Professional Women's Professional Team Sports League. I don't want to run the league, I just want to share my idea with a management team who will give me some type of credit, consulting status, and residual pay as long as the league is around. The Profitable, Professional Women's Team Sports League can be up and running in less than one calendar year and would not require massive amounts of funding. It would be an excellent vehicle for any Network that would like high rating, affordable costs Sports Programming.

I am male and would welcome a partnership with a Womencentric organization.

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