Loglines & Screenplays by LJ McPherson

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Holding onto Rain


Based on a true story

You have no idea what your capable of until the situation arrives. For one battered young mother, the choice was simple. Protect her children no matter the cost, from the monster they call Daddy.

Something to Wine About

GENRES: Comedy

Based on a true story

Chef Lynn Anderson loves working at the most popular vineyard/bed and breakfast in Oregon. But how do you stay where both pots and tempers flare daily, and your boss is the wicked bitch of the west? 

Under the Shadow of a Noose


Based on a true story

The only thing sheriff Earl Anderson knew for sure was the two brothers that hung for the murder of Jo Ann Dewey didn’t do it. How do you solve a murder that could cost you and your family their lives?

Mystery Hill

GENRES: Thriller

The only thing FBI agent Skye Herrick knows about the serial killer he’s tracking is that he kills them in the present and hides their bodies in the past.

Photo Finish

GENRES: Thriller

Through the lens of a camera, Sage Collins sees tragic events that will happen within the next 48 hours. How can you stop a disaster from happening if you’re the only one who believes it will occur?

Critics Choice

GENRES: Thriller

During a weekly meeting, four mystery writers witness a murder they can’t prove happened. The murderer saw them too. Now they must solve this mystery before they become his next victim.

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