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By T.R. Gough (Tommy)

GENRE: Comedy

A group of diverse millennials try their best to be adults while embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of the social media age.


This is the story of a diverse group of friends who kick start their professional lives using the rapidly evolving social media world.

Adulting is a half-hour multi-camera dramedy, a coming-of-age story that unravels in a linear narrative, where each episode (other than the pilot and finale) is told from the point of view from one of the nine recurring characters on the show.

The first season of eleven episodes details the trials and tribulations of our characters as they attempt to navigate the rapidly changing worlds of their chosen fields in their own unique way. Though each episode will stand alone, together as a whole the episodes will tell the larger story of how each character manages to succeed in their chosen professions.

The series arc will take the characters from a place of inner-struggle and comedic desperation as they attempt to find out what it is they want to do in their lives, to a world of unlimited possibilities and self-fulfillment, as they become fully-fledged adults in the industries they have chosen for themselves.

The point of the series is to embrace and promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the social media world while at the same time to poke fun at the culture of instant gratification that comes along with it that plagues modern society. This series seeks to examine this relationship further, as it has allowed young people to break free from the traditional norms created by previous generations in order to create a way of life that is fulfilling to the millennial mindset.

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