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By T.R. Gough (Tommy)

GENRE: Thriller, Drama

A delusional young woman runs away from home with her imaginary boyfriend in order to preserve their relationship.


Forever & Always is the story of Tatum O'Hara, a delusional young woman who is haunted by memories of her parents’ bitter divorce. With the help of a destructive psychedelic drug addiction she creates an imaginary boyfriend to help cope with her situation. She turns into a total recluse, barricading herself in her room for weeks at a time.

As her situation becomes more and more dire, her family decides to step in and take matters into their own hands. They plot an intervention, with the goal of sending Tatum to a treatment facility to help with her condition, and ultimately separate her from the imaginary love of her life.

As the walls continue to close in on her, Tatum decides that she has but one chance to preserve her relationship and that it is to run. She escapes to the adjacent forest, the location of her childhood tree house, one of the only positive memories she has from her youth. Will her family find her? Or will she escape and lead the life she really wants for herself?

This film presents the opportunity for the audience to enter the mind of someone who battling their own inner demons, a concept which is universally relatable. In the end we’ll all be rooting for Tatum to overcome her demons and live a ‘normal’ life.

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