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By T.R. Gough (Tommy)

GENRE: Thriller, Drama

When a graduation trip to Thailand goes horribly wrong, an American law student must work simultaneously for the CIA and the Thai-Burmese Cartel in order to save his friends’ lives.


The story begins circa 1986 with a vicious and ominous beheading of an American five star General somewhere on the Thai-Burmese border by the leader of a local militia-cartel. The General’s business partner is kidnapped and hauled away in shackles for not paying the full amount for the business transaction that the audience can assume is drug related.

The story picks up four years later in San Francisco where a young man, Will Parrish, is graduating law school from the University of California, Berkeley. It is the four-year anniversary of his father’s death. Instead of going into law he decides to follow his father’s footsteps into the military to attempt to try and get answers as to what actually happened to his father. Though, when an explosive tell all news article accusing his father of drug running is published and quickly becomes national news, his chances of joining the marines quickly fades away.

When Hunter, Will’s cousin, invites him to go on a backpacking trip to Thailand with Hunter’s fiancé Lacey and her friend Marissa, Will accepts. Before they depart Will’s uncle, a Senator from California, gives him the name of his father’s business alleged partner (Villarino) and tells him that he should use this trip as an opportunity to find out more information about his father’s secret life.

The backpackers land in Bangkok and quickly make their way down to the island Koh Pha Ngan for the world famous ‘Full Moon Party.’ While they party the night away a mysterious man named Trey appears on the beach and offers to take them to a place called ‘Eden’ where they can indulge in anything they’d like. Although Will is extremely hesitant, he is convinced by Hunter and the girls to lay down his guard and have some fun. After their night of partying they blackout, presumably from something Trey game them.

Back in San Francisco, Senator Parrish is questioned about his vast wealth and numerous trips to and from Thailand by the CIA on his private jet by Director Jordan, the head of the CIA’s South-East Asian taskforce. Director Jordan is convinced that Senator Parrish was part of his brother’s drug running empire and makes it his mission to get to the bottom of a mysterious yacht that travels often from Rangoon to Bangkok and then onto Guam. More specifically Director Jordan appoints Special Agent Wyatt Jeffries to tail the Senator, as he believes that there was a larger scheme at play where the Senator has been indirectly financing military coups in foreign countries.

The backpackers wake up the next day at an opium den in the middle of the jungle in the region of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. Will is furious, but Hunter, Lacey and Marissa seem to be completely at ease as they experiment with various drugs and lay poolside as if it were a five star resort. Trey introduces Will to a man named Moses aka Ko-Lin Sa, the owner of the property and the head of the Thai-Burmese cartel. Moses presents Will with an ultimatum: that Will has to do a drug run for him to repay his father’s debt or else his friends will be killed. Moses states that he will hold his friends hostage until he returns with the money. Realizing he has no choice, Will accepts the mission.

Back in the US, Special Agent Jeffries manages to locate a source in Rangoon who is a part of Senator Parrish’s inner circle. He flips him by giving him immunity if he testifies against his boss. Wyatt also discovers that Senator Parrish’s nephew and son is in Thailand, leading him to conclude that they are his point men in the illegal drug operation. Wyatt presents the info to Director Jordan who gives the ok to move ahead. American military along with the Thai Coast Guard seize the yacht and find a large amount of illegal weaponry aboard. The international media has a field day with the shocking news.

Will is accompanied on the secret mission by Trey. The objective is to fly a shipment of drugs from Bangkok to Guam aboard Senator Parrish’s private jet. There it will be transferred onto a large cargo carrier, and then the product will sail for North America. Will and Trey get through the various customs checkpoints successfully, but when Will reaches the terminal his luck runs out and he is arrested by a SWAT team. Trey is nowhere to be seen. Simultaneously back in the US, Senator Parrish is arrested at his home in San Francisco for crimes as serious as treason.

Will is questioned by Director Jordan in a holding cell in Bangkok. He tries to play dumb until Director Jordan reveals all the details of his uncle’s drug trafficking network and the arms that they found on his yacht. Will finally tells them everything he knows about Moses and his militia and the mission that he was sent on to repay his father’s debt. He also tells him that if he does not return with the money that Moses will kill his friends. At this moment Director Jordan decides that he is going to use Will to bring down Moses.

Back on the compound in Chiang Rai Moses begins torturing Will’s friends as promised, as he waits for his money. He starts with Marissa. He taunts her while telling her that Will is not coming back for her. Eventually he sedates her. Outside the compound Director Jordan briefs Will on his new mission: to penetrate the compound and locate Villarino while Director Jordan and the rest of his field agents await Will’s orders. With no idea what is going on outside the compound walls, Moses waits patiently for another hour to pass. As he does, Trey returns empty-handed and with Will nowhere in sight. Moses is furious. He beats Trey to a pulp, but decides not to kill him. Instead, he turns his attention back on Marissa, Hunter and Lacey as he hauls them off into the torture chamber.

Will manages to sneak inside the compound under the cover of darkness. Once inside the compound he makes his way to a secret area with the help of Director Jordan and American surveillance. Inside he finds Villarino shackled to a beam and barely alive. Before he can make a move Moses whacks him with the butt end of his rifle and knocks him out cold. When Will wakes up he is tied from a beam in the same room as Hunter, Lacey and Marissa. As Moses begins to tortures Marissa in front of his eyes, Will starts working to get his legs free from the rope. Moses kills Marissa and then turns his attention to Lacey. As he does, Will swings his legs up around Moses’s neck and begins strangling him. Meanwhile outside the compound, Director Jordan decides to make his move. His agents quickly circle and breach the walls and quickly find and rescue Will, Lacey, Hunter and Villarino. They also apprehend Moses without killing him.

Back in the US Will comes face to face with his uncle who is now behind bars and awaiting his trial. Senator Parrish eventually tells Will the truth about his father and asks for Will to represent him as a lawyer but Will declines, instead he chooses to take up a career with the FBI as spy working for Director Jordan.

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