Loglines & Screenplays by Rob Dunphy

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Still Born

GENRES: Horror

Eerily inspired by tragic visions of his son’s death, a twisted geneticist uses unwitting patients in a race to complete a revolutionary experiment as a scheming colleague plots to stop the creation of a soulless child and prevent a Demon’s return.

In the vein of Pet Cemetery and in the tone of 1408.

Monster Jam

GENRES: Thriller

A dognapper must stop an off-roading mayor's twisted plan to balance the budget.

Paradise Ablaze

GENRES: Thriller

The Santa Ana winds howl, as an innocent man entrapped in purgatory vies to end reign of the pyromaniac demon compelling the man’s troubled son to set Los Angeles ablaze.  (93pp)


GENRES: Thriller

A sadistic psychologist condemns patients to death as her detective husband must solve the series of puzzling homicides. In the vein of The Intruder. (118 pp)

Not Bali

GENRES: Thriller

Reeling from a personal tragedy a broken financier seeks spiritual unity in remote Indonesian agriculture but must save his family when a local extremist captures the plantation and enslaves the foreign invaders. 

In the vein of The Last Samurai and in the tone of The Grey. (130pp)


GENRES: Thriller

This Halloween a TED-Talks addicted drug lord must contend with a two-timing supplier, a distributor turned informant, double-crossing henchmen, and an overdosed girl’s specter, whom all want him dead. 

In the vein of The Hateful Eight. 


Topanga Canyon Devil

GENRES: Sci-fi

Where ugly suburban sprawl cuts into a wilderness sanctuary, an extraordinary girl must convince her grounded father to flee their home, as a mythical creature lays claim and commits to fight extinction.  


GENRES: Thriller

Short - Thriller/Horror

A disillusioned pregnant woman is determined to start her family. 

The Naughty List

GENRES: Horror, Sci-fi

A skeptical detective hunts for the mythical kidnapper targeting naughty children.

Megan's List

GENRES: Thriller, Film-noir

A promising FBI agent risks everything when he murders the sexual predator who molested his daughter and now he must outsmart a team of investigators pursuing a serial killer he invented as alibi.

Justice Hall

GENRES: Thriller

An ebullient yet tenacious teen champion of Deepfake technology must stop an empathetic assassin from framing Russia for a reporter’s death.

K Heart K

GENRES: Thriller, War

Torn between a reviled hometown and remarkable terrorist-hunting campaigns, an impassioned soldier must defend himself from an ex-girlfriend turned psycho-stalker bent on his ruin. 

West Coast Over Achiever

GENRES: Thriller

In the midst of a doomed government double-blind placebo study, a small-town delusional Veteran’s hallucinations incite him to exterminate local drug dealers to protect his family. 

In the vein of Falling Down. (90 pages)

No Fly Zone

GENRES: Thriller

Brazen San Diego airport coworkers slip into easy money trafficking narcotics for their rapacious former football coach until a string of Fentanyl tainted drug overdoses draws cartel concerns and DEA interest.

Eat Fresh

GENRES: Thriller

A vengeful missionary must embrace Haitian vodou to save a traumatized girl from a curse as an imprisoned sandwich pitchman plots to expand his vile empire.



Zombie, California, the prequel

GENRES: Horror, Thriller

After a misadventure leaves them battling a trigger-happy black site security team, an adventurous dad strives to save his son from exposure to a contagious strain of radioactive rabies.  

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