Loglines & Screenplays by William Gunn

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GENRES: Sci-fi, Adventure

When a Possible Killer Asteroid is determined to come closer to Earth than was previously predicted, A Half-mad Space Entrepreneur plans to deflect it's orbit.  He has two reasons - Prevent a Disaster and Make a Lot of Money by Mining the Rock once it's in a Stable Orbit. Critics from all over the world try to stop Him.  No Matter The Cost.  Who Will Win The Future???

The Message

GENRES: Sci-fi

When a Message from an Alien civilization is confirmed, the Entire World loses it collective mind.  It becomes worse once the Message is fully understood.  A Lot Worse!!!


GENRES: Sci-fi

When a Down-On-His Luck Interstellar Pilot is approached by an Old Flame to rescue her Husband from an Unexplored Sector of Space, he jumps at the chance.  Only after the Mission begins does he realize it's a lot more trouble than he bargained for.  In fact, his Livelihood and his Life are in Danger!


GENRES: Sci-fi, Thriller

In the Near Future, an Average Guy films the Wrong Thing on his I-Phone.  Afterwards he becomes the hero of both the Left and the Right.  He also becomes a target for revenge.  His credit is ruined.  His girlfriend leaves him.  He loses his job.  His life completely turns to S**T.  In the End He Finally Kills Himself...Or Does He?  A soon-to-retire FBI agent investigates.  She doesn't like what she finds.


GENRES: Mystery, Sci-fi

The new Chief-of-Staff for the largest hospital on Mars suspects it’s going to be tough. The Reality is far harsher than he ever thought. As harsh as the Red Planet itself!

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